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March 3 2015, 9:24AM CST

How CD4Kids Has Leah Loving Her Hair

Leah loves everything about her hair—the way it feels, the way it smells, the way it moves—all because of our kids collection, CD4Kids.  WATCH NOW

February 18 2015, 3:53PM CST

4 Ways to Lay Down Edges | Baby Hair, Sleek Ponys + More

Looking for different techniques to tame those edges that sometimes just refuse to lay down? WATCH now for 4 different ways to use our BRAND NEW Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother.  WATCH NOW

January 21 2015, 8:50AM CST

3 Steps To Perfect Flower Crown Hair With The Monoi Collection

Adorn your crown of glory with our Monoi Repairing Collection.  WATCH NOW

January 6 2015, 12:03PM CST

Headband Curls on Natural Hair

Check out this great tutorial on how to achieve beautiful curls without using heat.  WATCH NOW

December 29 2014, 9:21AM CST

My First Thoughts on the Monoi Split End Sealer

Elle of Quest For The Perfect Curl is ready to give our Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer a try! Watch as she shares her initial thoughts of the product.  WATCH NOW

December 9 2014, 9:16AM CST

Product Junkie Rehab: Your Addictions are Safe With Us

It may be hard to say goodbye to that mountain of conditioners, but we finally have the solution to your expensive addiction.  WATCH NOW

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