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NEW Wash Day Delight Conditioner with Aloe


WEB EXCLUSIVE! Wash Day Rose Shampoo and Conditioner


NEW Wash Day Delight Conditioner with Rose Water


NEW Wash Day Delight Sulfate Free Shampoo with Rose Water


Wash Day Delight Sulfate Free Shampoo For Curly Hair



NEW Wash Day Delight Aloe Vera Shampoo and Conditioner Care Kit


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  • Hair Masks to Pamper Curly Hair

    Moisture is the one thing that <a target="_blank" style="color:#f09" href="https://www.carolsdaughter.com/curlhub.html">natural curls</a> can’t get enough of. For most naturally curly girls, regular conditioners, even if you skip shampoo on most <a target="_blank" style="color:#f09" href="/blog/hair/hair-care-tips/how-to-wash-curly-hair.html">wash days</a>, still might not be enough to raise your hydration levels to their full potential. Read More »

  • How to Wash Curly Hair (and How Often to Do It)

    Much like many other <a target="_blank" style="color:#f09" href="https://www.carolsdaughter.com/curlhub.html">curly hair</a> tips and advice, how to wash curly hair isn’t one-size-fits-all. That means there isn’t a singular answer when someone asks, “How often should you wash your hair?” In all honesty, the frequency of your wash days depends on your curly hair shampoo, personal preference, and the state of your natural curls. With that said, there’s a solid chance that you should be cleansing more often than you have been—or at least think you should be. Read More »

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