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Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray Duo
Stop The True Cause of Breakage
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Buy the double pack!!
Love this stuff! When what I have runs out will definitely will be buying the double pack. With easy application method this product leaves my hair silky smooth and smelling good! Two thumbs up!
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Monoi Coconut Anti-breakage Spray
I was skeptical of this anti-breakage spray, as I have tried many products that claim to do the same. But my skepticism melted away after using this product. The Monoi anti-breakage spray is absolutely wonderful! It does exactly what it says it does. It reduces breakage and it is extremely helpful with combing my hair while it is wet and vulnerable. I don't normally write review, but I believe after all these years, this product is very deserving. I want Lisa to know that this is the best product out there along with the complete Monoi hair care line, and of course, I still love the Black Vanilla shampoo and conditioner. I would love for Lisa to create a larger container of the Monoi Anti-breakage spray so I can pour into my smaller bottle and use because I want always have this product available. Thanks Lisa. No one has such a product in the marketplace--and I mean no one. Maxine
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Brooklyn, NY
Love it!
My hair loves this stuff. it smells like heaven, makes my hair super soft and my hair feels stronger when it's wet. i got this just in time for the heatwave that will prob hit NY in the next few weeks, when i'll most likely be washing hair super often. love it!
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I just LOVE your Monoi line
I love you Monio line. I think I've purchased just about everything in the line with the exception of the strengthening serum. But that's because you have so many other great oils to use to satisfy my specific needs! :o) In either case my hair definitely feels so much stronger than before using your products. I have type 4 hair and it is easy to get tangled, especially on the ends, and requires that I detangle often. I've used your anti-breakage spray after washing and for daily maintenance on dry hair when I retwist to maintain my curls. I'm a fan forever! My hair loves your products.
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