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Coconut Collection
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Coconut Collection
i have to say I received the Coconut Collection today and used it today. I haven't ordered from Lisa for quite some time now and I don' t know why, but I am a coconut and vanilla sweet type of person and I'm so extra and want my scents to be smelled, not overpowering, but smelled and this was by far my favorite!!!! Lisa u did ur thing sista girl!!! I've seen the reviews for the Mango scents and I will be trying that, but Lisa you're getting great reviews for the Sugar Dipped Vanilla and since I am a vanilla type of person I would love if you would bring that back so that I may try that!!! But thank you Lisa and peace, love and blessings:)
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"So Fresh & So Clean, Clean"
I love this scent! It should probably say, just a hint of coconut because this is not your average coconut lotion and that is why I love it so much. I am not a fan of coconut smelling lotions, but after reading the reviews and wanting a "clean" smell, I decided to try it. I am hooked!
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Veniesta Gourdine- Jones
Jersey City, NJ
Absolutely Amazing
I won a jar of the Coconut Shea Souffle in a raffle while shopping in Carols Daughter store and fell in love . I hate loud offensive overpowering smells, but love nice clean scents and this one has my name written all over it. love the nice clean smell with just the right amount of coconut smell makes me think of my favorite drink " Pina Colada" , reminds me of happy thoughts like the Islands and cruising on a ship ( I'm getting besides myself now) , anyway for Christmas I treated myself to another jar and the dry oil mist which I usually buy Neutrogena, but found CD dry oil mist to leave my skin more moisturizing, please make the mist in a larger bottle as I am in love.
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Jenice Armstead
Tampa, FL
MUST HAVE - Clean and Fresh Smell
This new Coconut fragrance is my long lost best friend! I purchased the body cleanser because I know Lisa never ever lets me down with body cleanser, but I wasn’t sure about the lotion. When I purchased the body cleanser I got a FREE bottle of Coconut Frappe Lotion – HELLO PEOPLE! This is the most clean smelling coconut I have ever smelled – I don’t know which one is my new favorite: The Coconut or the Sugar Dipped Violates! A FAN FOR LIFE! Thank you Lisa, you are truly AWESOME!
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Bronx, NY
coconut shea suffle ooh-la-la
OMG, first time buying a body product from Carol's Daughter and the smell just pleasantly blows me away! It goes on smoothe and I keep sniffing myself because yes, it smells jsut that goood. I am aboutely going to try the rest of the Coconut line of products. You may need to make bigger jars of this souffle because I can see I will soon become a "smoothe it on cocolicious" addict!
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Kristie B
Portsmouth, VA
Pleasantly surpir
I was hesitant to purchase this set because I do not particularly care for the coconut-based scents and I cannot tolerate overly perfumed scents either. Boy, am I glad I rethought this purchase. There is an underlying tropical note of coconut; however, it was not over the top as I feared it would be. This is a light scent that is fragrant enough that I most people actually think I have on perfume instead of just lotion/body wash. The only downside to this set was that the dry oil mist didn’t agree with my body chemistry – it went on sweet, but turned to a slightly bitter odor a short while later. I ended up having to wash it off and reapply my soufflé and frappe, but that was OK because it gave me more time to bask in the sweetness of this scent. I thought Ecstasy and Vanilla Truffle were my favorites, but this one is definitely added to the list. Thanks again CD!!!
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Jamela Davis
Fort Leavenworth, KS
The Coconut Collection is AMAZING
I received my package of the Coconut Collection today and I can't believe how amazing this smells on me. It is beautiful combination of coconut (which isn't overpowering) and lilies, which together gives this scent a fresh, clean and light smell. It's a year round scent that you could wear during the day at work (and not offend) or wear it for a night out on the town. I would LOVE for Carol's Daughter to come out with a rollerball parfum of this....that would be the icing on the cake! Thank you for making millions of us smell good everyday! :)
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