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Stronger, Invincible Natural Set
96% Less Breakage, 13X Hair LIfe
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Yasmine Shitta
Inkster, MI
Invincible Natural Hair Set
I had these products before they were all included in one set and after seeing them together, I thought I would give the regimen a try. First, the shampoo is so great. When in the shower the shampoo doesn't make my hair feel stiff and it is easy for me to detangle with it in. The hair mask makes it so easy for me to detangle after cleansing as well. I also put a cap on and wait 10-15 minutes (I deep condition once a week) before rising and I usually risnse with cool water, it gives my hair a really nice shine. When I comb through my hair, there aren't any tangles, or shedding. And the healthy hair butter is the best! I section my hair and apply the butter to each section and twist it up. During take down, the curls are so pretty and shiny and just looks so healthy. My hair doesn't shed as much as it did with other products. I really love this collection and will continue to use it. It makes my hair feel incredible.
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Kaleena Anderson
Baltimore, MD
The Monoi Invincible Natural Collection
I just wanted to write a review of the Monoi Collection because I believe there are a lot of women dealing with hair breakage and shedding. I was one of those women before I recently purchased this collection. I had a baby 15 months ago and experienced major hair loss a few months post partum, which I expected because it happened when I gave birth to my five year old. After recently giving birth my hair was super long waist length when blown out straight, but like I said major hair shedding happened and I just chopped it off to above shoulder length because I didn't know of any product to help nurse it back to health, well that was in Dec. 2012. My hair had been growing steadily but just a few months ago in Aug 2013 I experienced even more breakage and shedding but I didn't want to cut again so I remembered I tried the Monoi hair mask my sister gave me and loved it and thought about trying the whole line, well its been three weeks and I must say a huge thank you to the Carol's Daughter team. My hair is not brittle, dry and is not snapping when detangled
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Monoi Magic
I was looking for a product to extend the life of my relaxer. I normally relax every four weeks becuase I have a lot of new growth and if I wait longer then I have a lot of breakage. I read all of the reviews online before deciding which product to order. I went to Ulta Beauty and purchased the Monoi Starter Kit. This was the best decision I have made concerning my hair in my 39 years of living. I am at week six without a relaxer and my hair looks as if I had a relaxer yesterday. It is soft, shiny and tangle free with no breakage. I can run a comb or my fingers through it and it is wonderful. I use the Monoi shampoo/conditioner/repairing hair mask along with moisturizing my scalp and ends with Margarite's Magic every other night. It is amazing. It has only been two weeks but I can't wait to see how well my hair grows.
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Tope Owolabi
Cypress, TX
So far so good
I actually live in London and thought I would give these products a try after all the reviews and good things I had heard. I have been searching high and low for the right products since transitioning so distance was not going to be an issue, I was going to get my hands on these products. My mum lives in Houston so I had this sent to her house (along with the Curly Style Set) and she brought them with her on her visit to London (thanks mum). I'm glad I did as I have only used this once and so far so good, I cannot comment on hair growth so far as it's only been a few days however the products are amazing, the smell of the shampoo (I didn't want to stop lathering or get out of the shower) and even the packaging, how easy to use, no more taking the top off shampoo bottles. The mask was great but I wasn't too keen on the smell...not an issue as long as it works :-). I used the Hair butter on my damp hair and it did make a difference and when I unravelled my twist out the next morning to my surprise my hair had retained moisture and was glossy (not greasy). Like I said, so far so good.
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Bronx, NY
Awesome Set
I absolutely adore Carols daughter's products. I have really really thick yet deeply curly and often times frizzy hair all mashed up on top of my head! This shampoo is sulfate free which is wonderful because sulfates bring harsh chemicals that everyone no matter the texture and type of hair can do without. and if you are worried about how well it cleanses your hair, worry not because it does the job! now getting to the good stuff, the hair mask is like a dream. it is so completely mositurizing and you instantly FEEL a difference in the softness of your hiar from just one use! i kid you not. i love this stuff, i will use nothing else. this is my go to deep conditioner. my one and only issue with this product is the size! i really really wish it came with more product for the price. it is a bit expensive for me because i am used to using drug store brands, but i mean the quality is definitely worth it. they should just really really consider giving back to their consumers and give us a full 10 oz. for the asking price! so Carol's Daughter if your reading this please consider it! i cant afford to buy it as much as i really really want to. now getting to the healthy hair butter. this product is also like a super power! juts read the ingredients!! that will tell you everything you need to know. it has mositurizing oil after oil, shea butter, beaswax, evrything that is really good and hydrating for your hair it has! and at the TOP of the ingrdients list which is super important because at the top is where you find the ingredients that the product has the most of. just beware this product is a bit thick and strong smelling. just start with a little and go from there! and im telling you your hair will never see the sights of frizz or brittlness again. it also works well as a protective barrior for the hair. this set contains 3 of their best hair products! a must have.
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Tallahassee, FL
Monoi is #1
The Monoi is the best option whether you are trying to repair, transition, grow, or simply manage harder to manage hair. It does what it claims to do and that means 96% less breakage. I love carols daughter:)
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Brooklyn, NY
Immediate results! Amazed!!!
After the one time use my hair felt stronger. These products are my saving grace from the bad shedding and breakage. I can only imagine how much better it'll be with consistent use...the packaging is nicely done as well. Soon coming back for more CD...my basket is ready! Thanx Lisa
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Connie Johnson
Lady Lake, FL
I wanted to stop relaxing but did not know what to do. I have 4 months of new growth, no matter what I used it did not allow me to comb my hair without OUCH, OUCH. I read many reviews about several CD products. I started with Chocolat, did not get the results I needed, then I turned to Black Vanilla used with hair balm, good results. Still not able to get the wide tooth comb through without losing alot of hair. Very determined I went to The Monoi Collection( starter kit) OMG!! I am a CD customer for life. My hair is sooo soft. I have not been able to use the word soft & my hair in the same sentence for many years. I also use Marguriets Magic & hair balm on my ends which seems to dry out first. Knowing I don't plan to be without CD I became a member during the special promotion for $10. There are advantages of becoming a member, many specials that make the products more affordable, free items & free shipping are offered from time to time. I do need to mention I received the Sugar-Dipped Vanilla Body Cream as a free gift, It is Wonderful so this will be added to my must-haves. Thanks CD
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Cherri Rolla
New Town, ND
Good stuff
I don't know about everyone else but this stuff is amazing. My daughter is nine months and had hardly any hair and what she did have was thin and frizzy. I started using this on her and within a week her hair looked like it had doubled in thickness. She still doesn't have very much but it is getting thicker all the time and is shiny and nice. It has worked wonders on both of us! Thank you!
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Wow Wow!!!
Could not wait to use the Monoi line and it is good. Hair was so soft after shampooing, condition detangle my hair with ease. After the mask i think i had a different head of hair. Wonderful line of products that work.........
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Alexandria, VA
Miracle Products!
I went natural 2 years ago and didn't really know what to use and didn't really want to experiment with too many different products b/c they aren't exactly cheap. I was afraid of wasting $30-$50. After 2 years of only using water and glycerin I decided to take a chance b/c my hair could NOT get any dryer. Man o man am I glad I took a leap of faith with Carol's Daughter! I ordered about 7 or 8 items Monday with no plan on what to use and in what order. It was just going to be a product party! LOL. Well I received my box yesterday and was like a kid in the candy store, I couldn't wait to use them. This set is the first thing I tried but I also ordered the Monoi conditioner and used it after the repairing mask. My hair was just shedding like crazy, as usual, in the shower. I expected this but what I didn't expect was when all products were used and I was applying the hair butter only a few strands were left on my hand. I was TRULY amazed....I mean I have tiny curls all over my bathroom every morning. I was so excited I also used Jada's Duo to see if that worked....I was just gonna mix every product I bought! LOL....Needless to say I am at work with soft, moist curls and a huge smile!
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Detroit, MI
Highly Disappointed
I was very excited when my products arrived, however my mood changed immediately after my first use. After washing with the shampoo my hair became very hard and crunchy. I followed the directions and my results were less than optimum. I used the mask in hopes that it would restore moisture and make my hair soft-it didn't-same results. I did not see any less breakage after using these products, actually I had more breakage. The only product of this set that worked for me was the hair butter. My hair type is 4b/4c with some 4a. I returned the set(return policy) but will be ordering the healthy hair butter is the furture. I also use Jada's duo with great results.
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Amazing Product
I came across this product while searching for my usual Carol's Daughter hair care products. I read the reviews and decided to try this product. Well, all of the reviews I read praising this product were true. I used the shampoo it is so luscious, so rich and cleaned my hair with one wash. On my damp hair, I put on the Healthy Butter and let my hair air dry. I won't exaggerate, I was shocked, my hair was shiny, easy to comb through and it smelled good. All I encourage you to do is try it, you will not be disappointed.
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michele tucker
accokeek, MD
I've been natural for a year now and I am loving it! However I blow dry and flat iron my hair, so I need products that repair and moisturize. I've tried a few CD products on my daughters hair and haven't quite found the right products for us.....until now! I never write reviews, but immediately after using this set I texted and called all my product "junkie" and natural hair friends! I could not believe my hair transformed right in front of my eyes! My hair wasn't too bad before, but in the fall and winter it sheds horribly and the dandruff is near embarrassing, but this line has answered all of my hair care needs and issues!!!! I washed it with the shampoo, I used the hair mask and sat under a warm dryer for 20 minutes but instead of using the healthy hair butter, I used the margerites hair dress cream and blower dried my hair, WOW! I PLAYED IN MY OWN HAIR!!!!! It had so much movement and elasticity!! It felt like strong strands of silk! It was unbelievably soft, strong and is extremely healthy after just 1 use! I literally just finished using it and ordered another hair mask! I will never use another after today, please don't ever change the formula you will have a customer for life!! I suggestion though, have you ever thought about using the margerites hair dress cream instead of the healthy butter in the set? Either way love love love it and wish I could give .more than 5 stars!
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Neptune, NJ
The Must Have
I have dry hair and scalp. I have been trying everything to see what will help. Plus every time I would comb my hair, there were always strands of hair in the comb. Well, I used this set for the first time on Saturday and my beautician could not believe that after she washed and blow dried, not a strand of hair in the comb. She even said, it look like my hair follicles were closing..she notice a thickness in my hair right away. I also have thin hair.. The Monoi shampoo and mask is the right product without a doubt. I did not get the conditioner since I had the mask and used that instead. She used the Healthy Hair butter before she style and it was not to heavy. I did notice that the texture of the Hair butter is different from when it first came out. I like this one much better. My beautician and bff have both placed orders for it. My hair looks so healthy and bouncing and I love it so much. I plan to use it on a weekly basis to get my hair back completely healthy. I also use the hair balm amd Lisa Elixir as well before a wash and that seems to help my scalp. All I can say is that, every product that I have ever used from CD's have always worked wonders, down to the skin care products. BTW, The Macadamia finish spray..smells delish..does not leave the hair oily at all. Nice shine to it... I need this set to be available soon so I can order a few more sets to have.
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Got my curls back!
1 use of this kit helped repair 6 months of weekly heat damage. For the first time in 12 years I flat ironed my hair to try a new look. I ironed (very hot) weekly while doing intermittent heating as well. When I went to "fro up" again, I couldn't believe not a curl in sight. I looked very hard for a cure, but found none. I'd never heard of Monoi but the salesperson said that they couldn't keep it on the shelf. I figured, WTH? To my surprise after one use my curls were back!!! It was really like a miracle! My coworkers were so surprised when I arrived at work the next day, they ran to their computers to see abut ordering!
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Tiffany Thornton
San Diego, CA
Oh My God
This product is heaven sent. I have really fine coarse hair so it breaks if you look at it to long so it has a hard time growing past my neck because it is so brittle. I bought this product out of desperation and I know that the hair butter does wonders but this shampoo and conditioner has worked wonders on my hair my hair has grown an inch and a half in one month. My childrens friends even notice a difference not to mention family and friends. Thanks for coming out with this product it has been amazing
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Fairbanks, AK
Monoi is Excellent
You must try this stuff. My hair has grew tremendously. Words can't express how much. I absolutely will purchase again. Thanks.
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Marvelous Monoi!
I am so glad I decided to try this product, and the entire recommended set for natural hair. I've been trying different products trying to find what will work best for my curls, to hydrate them properly and cut down on breakage. This is only my first day but I see extreme positive results already. The Monoi set feels absolutely marvelous even during the application process. It's like you can feel it working as it strengthens your hair. I have tried the Healthy Hair Butter in the past, and I must say I am grateful for the tutorials and "How to use" tips you have on your site because after following that I am reaping the true benefits of the product this time around. It's taken me some time to learn how to care for my natural curls. So,THANK YOU for the great products and tips. I think finally I found the one for me... Monoi! ;)
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Absolutely Love it!
My hair is extremely dry and I have been looking for a product that can address my moisture issue. This product worked wonders! After the first use, my hair was moisturized and extremely soft.
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Bronx, NY
Monoi is the bomb
I tired it for the first time and im in love. You can feel a totally big difference b/w this product and the others.. im never going back to that other stuff again.. Praise the lord for you Lisa cus i was ready to catch the holy ghost in the shower while washing my hair with the Monoi
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Bowie, MD
I must admit...I've only written a couple reviews ever. However after using this product for almost 2 weeks I had to do it. The Monoi Oil is the first product of the Carol's Daughter (CD) line that I've ever used. I did the BC (big chop) two weeks prior to using the product, in an effort to transition from relaxed to natural. And was in desparate need of finding the right products to use on my hair. My hair was a mess in my opinion! I was almost ready to order from Ultra Black Hair.com, until I decided to try CD. I chopped it myself and then went to the barber shop on 6/27, for a more even cut and to make sure that all the relaxer was out. I purchased the product on 6/24, washed and conditioned it with the conditioner and hair mask. I left the hair mask on for a long time before washing it out. I couldn't tell a big difference at first but decided to co-wash it everyday since (I alternate the conditioner and the hair mask and leave it on minimally for 1 hr...longer most times). In addition, I added the healthy hair butter to my regime because my hair was so dry (not anymore). Much to my surprise, my hair which was boy cut short with about a 1/4 inch of hair or less in some spots, has grown to a 1/2-3/4 of an inch of hair in 1 week. My hair looks fabulous, with no breakage...you can see how strong and healthy it is, and I attribute it to this product. I was determined not to use any other products in my hair while I transitioned so that I would be able to tell what worked and what didn't. I recently added the curl booster, for those times that I go wigless....LOL! I'm not totally ready to wear my hair short, but since it looks so good I'm beginning to change my mind. I am so excited about the noticable change and can't wait until my hair grows out, because I am confident that by eliminating relaxer products, and regularly using CD's products my hair will be the healthiest its been since I was a baby. I've been relaxed since I was in middle school and I'm in my mid 40's. I've also used the Monoi oil on my 2 year old grand-daughter and it makes her hair very managble and the breakage has decreased to a few strands...not like before when we used to get combfuls of hair every time. I am so grateful for this product and have been recommending it to everyone. I am loyal to my products...I use one particular product on my skin, that works so well people think I'm much younger than I am, and now I've found my hair product...I am on a roll and so very happy! Thank you Lisa and the CD's Team for developing this fantastic product.
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acworth, GA
I have been using the monoi shampoo and hair mask now for about 3 weeks. This product is great I have notice a difference with my hair shedding has been reduce. I am afro amercan I color/relax my hair. I love the way my hair feels once I finish shampoo and styling my hair. It soft and has body. Also even after days later I can still smell the fragrance which smells great. I was using We*** it was good too but left my hair feeling heavy. This makes my hair feel light. I plan on using this product as long as Lisa makes it available. Thanks for great product
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Merilee Aquino
Moore, OK
Great Product
I am a first time buyer of CD's products and I am hooked!!!! I really enjoyed the smell of the shampoo; honestly, I didn't want to rinse it out.... After the shampoo I massaged in the mask as directed then allowed it to sit for about 20 minutes after it warmed up...I rinsed and then added the hair butter I was greatly surprised how well the moisture was held even after I decided to straighten it three days later, it was as soft as cotton- PHENOMENAL! I am now going to try Jada's duo and I am certain I will enjoy it as well; however, I am still awaiting the shipment!!!
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Healthy hair butter, and monoi conditioner, monoi mask, monoi shampoo
I was very excited to get my products. I ordered a great deal of money worth of products. Hoping and praying they would be all I read them to be. I give 5 stars for the wonderful smell. But 0 stars for performance..sadly I used the new monoi line and the healthy hair butter for 2 days only and by the 3rd day my hair fell out!!! I have been growing my hair naturally for 4 years now and I wanted to use better products. this was not for me..it took all my hair out, I'm so devastated. This is the second big order I brought my last purchase was a lot of money months ago the tress hair line and the jada's duo took my hair out in a week as well. After all these months I figured I'd give it another try, sadly it was a huge mistake. I don't know what to do. I'm scared to put it on my daughter hair as I would not know what to do if her hair came out as it is natural she is a teenager with nice thick shoulder length hair. I just can't trust these products. The mimosa is wonderful and the macadamia sheen products are great as well..2 thumbs up..but, I can't risk trying products and they take my hair out!!
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These products are amazing!! After the first use my hair was softer and more manageable. I can't wait to see what continued use is going to do. Thanks Lisa!!
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newark, NJ
Surprisely impressed
I was looking for a protein-like treatment, that not as strong as Aphogee and with the mineral oil . This is pretty awesome. I like the initial effect and plan on continue using this to see what happens. I'm a natural , with 4 type hair.
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Chaundra Bermudez
Oxon Hill, MD
I have been on my natural hair journey for almost a year now, and I must say I have tried every product imaginable. After reading all the natural hair blogs I continually heard the name of Carol's Daughter. I started out with just buying the hair milk to help define my curls, eventhough it worked my hair would not retain moisture. I just purchased this collection and i must say I am very pleased. Literally after one day my hair is super soft and I can't keep my hands out of it. I will recommend this collection to everyone because it was money well spent.
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