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Tui Moisturizing Hair Trio Set
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Carolina's Chocolate
Knightdale, NC
Instantly Define Your Personal Curl Pattern
I have only purchased this line of products once, to fulfill my desperation to enhance my own natural curl pattern to come forth. WOW, did I get results after the second use of these products. I have always used the Black Vanilla Line loving the awesome moisture my hair get from that product line, but I could not get my own natural curl pattern to be define. I read the product performance claims and ingredients of both Tui and Black Vanilla, but could not find any difference in the two products ingredients. Well, I read these labels at least 4 to 6 time before I was able to see, that one single statement in Tui that is not in Black Vanilla..." enhance your natural curl pattern". That is what make these product a bit different, as stated amongst the other small print on the Tui label. When I discovered this, I put 2 and 2 together: Moisturizing, Softens, Define your own curls, Shine and Manageability...I KNEW I HIT THE JACKPOT. I have all that I love about Black Vanilla in the Tui line as well, just more curl enhancing ingredients. I love the Tui line and what it has done for my curly hair. My natural curl pattern is so extremely awesome, I can't wait for warmer weather....I will have THE BEST DARN AFRO EVER! Full of my very own natural curls without the help of rollers or heat! These product make you hair so very curly! I love everything about this product. I am so extremely happy with everything I have ever tried in Carol's Daughter products...these products is exactly what minority women have been waiting for, for many years. Our very own line of Luxury in natural hair products. Being able to enjoy the benefits of spending my money on exceptional products for those with exceptional taste have given me, the enjoyment of feeling exclusive and wealthy. It shows in my hair because I get compliments and constant stairs from men and women everyday. I never buy Monoi, Tui, Black Vanilla or Chocolat in single product purchases...I always buy what I need, what I want and stock items for the future. Carol's Daughter Products is "Crack for Black Hair": " Once You Get That, You Can't Go Back!"
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Loving it!!!
I have to say that I really like this product. I use the TUI hair smoothie and after going under the dryer for 10-15 minutes I feel the softness of my hair. At times I use it as a leave in and it makes my hair really soft. I will continue buying this product and the o ther products I have bought from this hair line. I am impressed!
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THE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER LEFT My hair brittle. the shampoo was good although it takes a lot to lather up. My hair is very brittle now so I am taking the leave in conditioner back
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Eyona Fountain
Temple Hills, MD
The BEST ever!
From the lovely fragrance, to the very minimal amount it needs to lather and clean, to how soft my hair is, this is THE BEST line EVER! And because I became so tired of the lousy sprays that are supposed to be after-bath pet fragrances, I even use this for my adult Maltese! Yup, you are reading this right, I use the shampoo and leave-in ( not the smoothie) on my DOG! It's all natural, not harsh or harmful & he smells better than he does after all day at the groomers! This line is simply great! {Hint Hint: A pet bathing line would be great, lol}
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Jasmine Bullard
Disappointed, but not giving up yet
I'm very disappointed in this product because it didn't leave my hair at all how i expected, and with so many great reviews, i think i might just need to give it some time.I waited anxiously for this to arrive in the mail and i almost threw out my organix shampoo and conditioner set. My hair is NOT softer, or more manageable, its dry if anything and very brittle feeling. I'm transitioning and I have half curly half straight so its already bad enough trying to work with 2 textures of hair, but with a product that has my hair feeling DRYER, that's terrible. I'm going to give it another go next week, this time deep conditioning with the smoothie under a dryer and see if that does the trick. If not, back to my organix i go...
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Tanika Thomas
Chicago, IL
This product line smells amazing!!!
I use this line for my daughters hair and it keeps it shiny and more manageable! The smell is also very invigorating! I used the hair smoothy once with another collection from CD and my hair smelt so good I stayed up until 1 in the morning in amazement! (it was my first time using CD) I have been very pleased with all of the products that I buy, and am looking forward to trying the Chocolat line in a few weeks!
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Starlett Barnes
Yazoo, MS
Bad results
Maybe I did something wrong, I washed my hair and Than i put the detangler stuff in and it instantly made my hair hard i couldnt comb it started breaking. but maybe I did something wrong so please somebody help me.
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Ft. Stewart, GA
Fingers Crossed
I just did the BC 3 weeks ago. My hair is literally 1/2 inch right now!! I have been YouTube-ing EVERYTHING for natural hair, and it seems CD is where its at!! I dont have kinky hair, and its pretty easy to manage, but since the BC, its been very thirsty. I ordered this trio, and the Hair Milk (original). I am anxiously waiting for my shipment and check the tracking errryday LOL. I hope this works especially since i just spent $64!! If CD is right, they have a customer for life!!
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Lawrenceville, GA
Absolutely Amazed!!!
I have been using the Tui system for relaxed hair for about 3 months now. My hair pretty long and it get tangled really badly. Since I've been using CD's product I have almost no problems with tangles and my hair has grown more than 2 inches. Everywhere I go people always compliment my hair. I am absolutely amazed how well this product works for my type hair. I really can appreciate CD. Thanks for such an awesome product line!!!
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Caribbean Escape!!!!!
I have just received these products today. I absolutely love this set. Everything smells soooooooooooo good and is soooooooooooo moisturizing!!!! I definitely needed this caribbean escape at the onset of winter!
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Can't stop touching my hair
I used the Tui shampoo, smoothie, and leave in conditioner and my hair is soft, shiny, and hydrated. I can't stop touching it. I have naturally curly short hair and my hair has been starving for moisture. I used to use CD hair products religiously but can't remember why I stopped. I am looking forward to continued use as I grow my natural hair long again. Tui smells wonderful. I highly recommend NOT using Tui leave in conditioner with Hair Balm...those two together are not pleasant smelling. Tui does go well with Marguerite's Magic.
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Murrieta, CA
Nice, but no cigar.
After waiting 7 days for arrival, I excitedly opened my box and got to washing my hair with great enthusiasm---I've read so many strong stories about this product, so I was hoping the same. Here's my feedback: The shampoo was great, lathered nicely with just a lil bit, smells awesome! The Smoothie---big disappointment. Wasn't very thick, but smelled very nice. I am accustomed to deep conditioners having more substance, and this didn't whatsoever. It felt like lotion. The Leave-In - great smell as well, however, 80% of the product is made with hydrolgyzed products, which makes no sense when CD boasts to not using parabens and sulfates in all the other products. If you're health conscious at all you know that hydrologyzed is BAD. And, although this product is light, it felt a bit filmsy in my hair. Next time, I will water it down a bit and I will use it as a leave in when I wear my hair wet and natural, instead of using it when I straighten. I really like supporting black-owned enterprises, so I am happy with my purchase, but I think this product isn't the best for LONG, THICK, NATURAL from root to tip hair, like mine. I will continue with the product, it gave great shine and bounce, however, that's never been an issue with my hair. It does smell GREAT, but didn't give the smoothness I was hoping, I live in hot southern Desert California and I was hoping the emoillients of this product, would rid of the frizz----well, not all the way, just a lil bit. I give 3 out of 5 stars, my main suggestion would be to please improve the thickness of the smoothie.
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Denise Hodges
Brooklyn, NY
The best stuff ever for natural hair
I love this product line. I used it on my daughter and it is amazing. She used to cry after getting her hair washed because it was so tangled and difficult to comb. Now with these she doesn't shed a tear. I can actually run my finger through her hair easily and then comb it. It takes less time for me to wash, blow and braid her hair. For all those with natural hair and want it tangle free I say try this and you will come running back for more.
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Mrs. Davis
Jones, AL
I tried this set for the first time today and I am amazed. I have been going natural for almost 2 years now and I have used almost every product. I read numerous reviews and after gaining some courage, I decided to order the product. I followed the directions and my hair was beautiful in the end. I have bounce and it feels and looks moisturized. I used the smoothie and leave in conditioner before applying the pressing oil to my hair. My hair looks relaxed and even my husband agreed it was worth the money. I am a CD girl now. I wish there were more stores that carried the products in my area but I believe I get the best value from purchasing the products from the primary source. Thanks Lisa for these products.
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Houston, TX
All I can say is WOW! I began using the Tui Hair Trio Set three weeks ago. I take medication and my hair was dry brittle after three washed my hair is headed for recovery.....
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My miracle products....The first time I used these products I saw a difference. I no long need to add any oil to my hair to make it shine.
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The best my hair has felt in years.
I just got done using this entire set and I'm more than satisfied. I wanted a product that would penetrate and moisturize my hair so I wouldn't have to coat my hair with tons of grease. My hair is sooooooooo bouncy and full of life. And they smell is WONDERFUL. Worth every penny.
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Jessika Douglas
pembroke pines, FL
ok first off out of 5 stars i give it 10... i have natural very curly hair. not coarse but in between. my hair knots up sooooooo easily. and im not just talking small knots here and there. im talking almost dread-like knots just simply from washing gently! i tried the shampoo with the smoothie just today-first time!-and was amazed! the shampoo itself detangled and the smoothie instantly gave incredible softness and managablilty. i have not one knot in my hair. at all. period! im speechless and recommend this to anyone who has unruly curls and terrible destructive knots. i combed my hair out soooo easily and it smells fantastic. i will continue to support and live by these carols daughter products! THANK YOU LISA! KEEP IT GOING!
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