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Warm Jasmine Tea Body Cream

Item #: 21164      8.0 oz
Price: $24.00
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Judith A. Jean-Francois Benfari
Briarwood, NY
I raced out last night to buy this simply because it has Jasmine in it (my favorite scent). When I put it on this morning, wow!! Not only is the scent womanly without being too cloying, overly sweet or trendy, but what this body cream has done for my skin is mindblowing. I've always been complimented on the softness of my skin, but now, thanks to this cream, my skin is literally like whipped butter!! Whatever your inspiration is, Ms. Lisa Price, PLEASE never stop. What your products have done especially for African-American women (and women of all races) is to open our eyes to our natural beauty and behold the Queens that we always were but that society and the media have lead us to believe are not good enough. All I use is your products and I'll never change!!
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