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Transitioning Ultimate Go Natural Set
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North Las Vegas, NV
I used this full kit along with Magurite's Magic and Healthy hair butter for a braid out style two days ago when it arrived. My hair is STILL very soft and STILL very moisturized and manageable. The olive oil infusion kit was GREAT! I've never had such ease with detangling, even after conditioning. I'm going the long grow out route and this kit has definitely made the process much easier. It has basically blended my two textures ever so well! I'll definitely be using Carol's daughter more often. I have more orders on the way too. I'll be using the black vanilla, monoi and probably the tui collections. ^_^ Even before placing my order, I had the greatest feeling- based on so many good reviews- that this line would do best for my transitioning hair. I've never been happier with my tresses!!
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First of all, I have been anticipating this order for about a week and it just arrived on today. I started using this immediately at 6:30pm. It is now 9:00pm and my hair has been treated, washed and twisted for air dry. My hair feels SOOO GOOOD!!! I mean I can sit here and type how good my hair feels, but it will make no difference - YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY IT FOR YOURSELF. :-) First of all this product contains Biotin which promotes hair growth which is 1 of the reasons why I purchased. My hair is natural and I have been growing out my relaxer for a year and I did the big chop as well. My hair is now down to the bottom of my neck (almost to my shoulders). I also purchased the Healthy hair butter and applied this to my damp freshly washed hair and sealed the moisture with organic extra virgin coconut oil and twist to air dry. ABSOLUTELY NO crickle crackling of the ends of my hair (no snaps). The comb just goes right on through without any tangles. I LOVE THIS and thank you Ms. Lisa (Carol's daughter).
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Danylle Wanton
euclid, OH
I initially bought this for my daughter who decided she wants to go natural. Yes it does everything it says it does. I used it on my hair...my hair is naturally curly but I wear it straight. Its been damaged by color so it won't curl up like it used too. I put this on my hair its bouncy its shiny its everything I want my hair to be. I will continue to use this product. As far as breakage...yes my daughters hair has improved with 2 washes. I could never run my fingers through her hair wet...well I can now. Best purchase ever!!!
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First time user...the BEST!!!!
I was going to purchase this product online, but I needed more insight on how the product can work for me. After consulting with a Carol's Daughter rep in Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave. station. I purchased both the Transitioning and Olive Oil Infusion. I followed her instructions and the instructions that came with the product. After the first use, I felt a big difference and notice less breakage of my hair. I love the way my hair felt and looked after one use. I'm using the Monoi shampoo and condition which is really good too; the rep advised me to use the Transitioning and Olive Oil sets at home and take the Monoi shampoo and conditioner with me when I get a wash and set. I can't wait to see what my hair will look like in a couple of months.
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Ultimate Gop Natural Set
My was relaxer was July 3, 2012. I used this set after hearing about it at a CD event at a local department store. At first the products worked wonders, it left my hair very manageable and soft. The there was little to no tangling after ----- after the transitioning kit conditioner. After a couple of months, I noticed that each time I used the kit, my hair broke off so much I had to stop using it. I went to a stylist who "specializes" in natural hair and what she showed me was disturbing. The breakage was astounding!!!! After I stopped using the transitioning kit, my hair has actually started to grow out more. The infusion kit is still amazing though the smell of the khoret oil is sickening. I still use the Jada's duo and occasionally, the infusion set, I threw what was left of the transitioning kit in the trash! I will continue to use other CD products but this transitioning kit reeked havoc on my soft, fine, natural hair.
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Glad they are now recommending these two kits together
These two kits is how I made it through my transition with out the big chop. I would use on on one week the other the next week. and get trims every 8 weeks It took a year but all but 1/4 inch of relaxer is gone and that will be cut off next month. My hair is below the ear lobe lenght (it was shoulder length when it was relaxed) and is well on its way back to its old shoulder length. Try these products, follow the instructions you won't be disappointed.
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The Transitioning set is simply awesome. My hair is butter soft, I will continue to use this product. The oil infusion set is best of best, the softness of my hair begun with that treatment. It was a miraculous hair makeover experience for me. Thanks CD.
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So here I am new transitioner.......
My last perm was July 4,2012. My last heat was October 2012. So I just did the Oil Infusion and I feel like I look like the lion on the Wiz.-sigh- Despite the big hair it is so SOFT and FLUFFY. I love the way the product makes the hair feel clean and yet moisturized. I plan to use it monthly alternating protien conditioning. So I want to wait for my hair to dry and Bantu set it, that will give me a loose curl set. Thank you Lisa for giving me a MEANS to go natural without having a nervous breakdown.
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Trend junkie
i had to come bck and update my review, seeing as how i was sooo wrong about my hair the first time i reviewed this product, i am now in month 7 of my transition and have 4 1/2 inches of new growth, pretty good growth rate if you ask me considering the fact the first 3 months of my transition i was heat styling my hair every week and didnt really get educated on my hair until i was about to deploy. I am now in afghanistan and have been using nothing but CD's products on my hair and taking hair, skin, and nail pills nad i must say my hair is definately stronger than before, i have way less breakage and of course my hair smells wonderful. I just washed my hair today with the transitioning kit (didnt use the olive oil kit because i already had had castor oil sitting on my scalp for 2 days) and my hair was amazingly soft, my scalp felt like it was breathing and was sooo clean, AND while washing in the sink i had a very MINUTE amount of hair in the sink...WOW is all i have to say, i will continue to use this product until this deployment is over and probably even longer...MY CURLS ARE BEAUTIFUL AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM (between 3c and 4a hair type) my hair length is about 8 inches (recently got it cut to help the process along more) and i have 4 1/2 inches of new growth, so in another 6 months (or less...who knows) i will be purchasing the hair milk set and wearing my beautiful curls out for everyone to see and appreciate :) thanks CD for helping my hair be its best. i also reviewed the healthy hair butter :)
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I hate the fact that Carols Daughter filters their reviews...bad look but i am completely sold on this set...i gave it actually a four star rating because i'm transitioning, into it 5 months now and my hair is about 7 inches long with 1 inch new growth so still quite a lot to go....the shampoo in this set made my permed hair quite brittle and it was not eaasy to detangle even in the shower...however even with that fault the olive oil was absolutely amazing and the smoothie from the olive oil kit was wonderful and left my hair soft...the scalp spray did give a nice cooling feeling BUT the MIRACLE product to me was step 3 in the transitioning kit, the anti-breakage cream...you only need a uarter sized amount literally and it coats your hair sooo nicely and instantly makes it soft, i felt an immediate difference and after sitting under a hair dryer then rinsing out my hair was wonderfully soft and smelled of peppermint...both textures was easy to work with and i am completely SOLD on this set...even though the price is really steep, i now know its worth it for the end results to my hair...CLEAN SCALP, MOISTURIZED ENDS AND SOFT CURLY NEW GROWTH
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Rachel Sye
Mount Wolf, PA
Time is NOT on my side
I give the products a 3 rating mainly for the amount of steps and time. I recently became a stay at home mom with a newborn. So I was excited to return back to my natural state of hair and nuture the process along the way with amazing products. So I bought this kit. My new growth is VERY coarse, thick and bone desert dry which made the process take longer, ie: trying to part my thick, dry, resistent hair to apply the Oil Tranfusion steps. It was a challenge to complete each step with a newborn tussling in their sleep. While the newborn is not the product of Carol's Daughter (that was mommy and daddy), I do wish for a more condensed version. I did however enjoy the tingling sensation from the shampoo. I also bought the Macademia styler and it is MAGNICIFENT. As I mentioned my new growth is very coarse so I needed something that would put the "smack down" on this texture to align it with my still relaxed hair. It is the only styling holder product that has truly worked. I will continue to use this but do wish that the amount was more for the price. If you can devote time and commit, then it may be an enjoyable pampering process. I am hoping to return to using the Transitioning kit products when baby is much older and I can devote the time, hopefully before he's in high school.
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Virginia Beach, VA
I'm a straight-styler transitioner since August 2011. I've used the Olive Oil Infusion kit before, and liked it. When I saw the suggestion to get that kit along with the Transitions 1-2-3 kit, I thought I would give it a try. I was not disappointed! My hair never felt so soft before. After letting my hair dry overnight, I used the Chocolat Smoothing Blow Dry cream when I flat ironed my hair. Then I used the Hair Milk Leave-In Conditioner to set my hair in rollers. My hair has never looked as healthy and shiny before. Not only could I not stop touching it, my boyfriend kept touching my hair, too. I am so thrilled I got both kits!
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This is my second purchase from CD. The first purchase I wasn't to happy with but this set is amazing. I loved how soft my hair felt after this set. The olive oil infusion is definitely my favorite! I also love the transitioning kit steps 2 and 3. Step one made my hair feel tangled but after step 3 it felt soft and manageable again. It also felt so cool and tingly, like my scalp could breath for the first time. This was my first time using this kit but I must say I am won over. I am doing the long grow out but as soon as I get enough new growth I think I may do the BC. I used the black vanilla leave in conditioner with this as well and I love the smell. Love these products, I am really pleased with this purchase.
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Memphis, TN
I used this set on me and my daughters' hair. It was a long process. After doing the oil treatment, my hair was soft and moisturized but then it got very coarse when I went to do the transitioning set on my hair. I haven't did the big chop, just growing it out so I guess thats why I didn't see any curls or anything. After I finished all the steps in both sets, my scalp was tingling and felt very clean. But the next morning some parts of my scalp was still dry. For that I used the hair balm, which does good with both of our hair. It was the same results for my daughter hair as well. This week we will try it again and hopefully have better results.
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Odenton, MD
The Oil Infusion was my favorite...the smoothie smelled really nice and brought out the true curls of my hair and of course made it softer. It's best when you follow all the directions...the only con would be the time that it takes in between steps. The transitioning set was really good.. It has a nice fresh pepperminty smell... I liked step 2 and 3. They made my scalp tingly..You can feel your scalp being repaired! My hair felt a little dried out when washing with the shampoo I have to say...but it was the first time using this so it'll get better as I continue. I haven't been taking care of my hair the way I should have been...I was transitioning wearing mostly braids but just applied oil sheen and that's it. My hair felt coarse and unmanageable when combing. It hurt too much...so this product made it softer to comb through thank lisa! I used the Marguerite's magic and the Black vanilla leave in conditioner to style and they were just divine. They smell so sooo good!
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Odenton, MD
Brought back life into my hair!!
So I used this product a week ago and I must say that I am impressed. Not many products often do as they promise but Carol's Daughter has lived up to good expectation. I've been transitioning for almost a year now by wearing protective styles..mostly braids. I wish I had known about this product earlier as I wanted to bring back life into my listless hair. The Oil infusion was really good...the smoothie brought out the true curls of my hair...though i have fine hair.
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Hair soft as Cashmere
Im in my late 20's, with a West Indian heritage. I've been using Carol's Daughters products since it was in a tiny little shop in Brooklyn, NY. I've been natural for 2 years now and my reason for going natural was due to my psoriasis. I have to wash my hair every 6 days or so due to the build up on my scalp from the medication and the scaling. So my main problem has always been dryness. I love coloring my hair and always do a blonde tone. Which of course makes your hair more dry. I've always used the hair balm, Lisa's hair elixir, Monoi Shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and most recently the Chocolat line and macadamia line for when I straighten my hair. A couple days after my wash, my hair is always back to being a bit dry.. Soaking up everything I put in it. I normally wear my hair out being that it is a type 3b/c. I kept seeing the olive oil infusion and transitioning kit being advertised and reasoned that it's worth a shot after reading about how much biotin, olive oil, and coconut oil was loaded in the products as well as the promise of managability, softness, and treatment for the scalp. I can tell you honestly that my hair felt AMAZING. Although it was a long process to complete since most of the products need you to cover your hair and do a heat treatment, it was worth every bit of the 3 hours it took me. My hair was completly clean, my scalp was cool and tingling, and my curls were ALL defined. Not just a couple, all of them. There was no frizzy areas or dryness anywhere. It's day 2 now and my hair still feels like it did when I stepped out the shower. I would recommend this for both women who are going natural, to strengthen the hair and scalp, and for women who are already natural, to condition the hair and keep our already naturally weak hair full of life and strength.
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Sherrie Williams
wilmington, DE
I'm IN!
I've been ready to go natural for a long long time. I saw this from Carol's Daughter and i was IN! I've used for almost a month and no complaints and feeling fine!
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Lisa Henman
Akron, OH
Lovin my natural hair!
After reading countless articles I decided to go with trying your Ultimate Set for going natural. I did the big chop 3 months ago and have been using as instructed for 3 weeks now. I know i did the right thing buying this the first time i used it. So far so good and I'll keep you posted ;)!
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