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Tui Moisturizing Hair Duo
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Miami, FL
Tui Tui Good
The scent gets you hooked, but this product gets rid of a lot of build up. Ok, ok, it's gets rid of build up PERIOD. My guy have lox and this is what I use since I seem to can't get anymore of the Rosemary.
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A Great Feeling
I began using the Tui line last week, purchased from the Sephora Store in JC Penneys and I have to say I love it! My hair tangles so badly, that it brings tears to my eyes when I'm trying to comb it out before blow-drying and I've not found any product yet, that will stop the tangling (Until) my first use last week of Carols Daughter Tui. I loved the smell and the lather of the shampoo and how my hair feels once I rinse and then, to add the conditioner........as I massage into my scalp, I can actually run my fingers through my hair without them getting stuck between massive amounts of tangles. Just a comb through with a Pick out of the shower and I am tangle Free not to mention after blow drying, my hair has so much body, it just swings and is so soft. At 55 years of age and all of these many years of so much money I have spent on hair products, I think I may have just finally found the solution to all of my tangles and hair problems. So thankful that the girl in Sephora took her time to explain your products to me and gave a recommendation to these two products.
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brittany early
antioch, TN
Tui today!
Hello ,Let me start by saying I am a total fan of this line! It is to die for! BTW I'm Natural My hair is naturally curly My hair type is 3B/3C/4A. I would spend my last dollar on this product if I had too! The smell is amazing it's very mild/light it smells of something exotic maybe a little fruity but very light. The shampoo:I followed the directions by wetting my hair first then applied shampoo LAWD I was in heaven omg.My hair feels clean but not too the point it felt dry .It was hard to believe but my hair was detangled.Just by the shampoo alone. The conditioner:Once i applied the conditioner my hair felt moist instant.OH LAWD The conditioner made me fall in love with this line.My hair was so soft and I could fell the moisture.But it wasnt greasy or anything like that.My hair was already soft after using the shampoo but this conditioner made my hair feel softer than cotton.The conditioner made my hair so soft it felt like it was melting in my hands.. Even though I have all these different curly textures in my head my hair was soft and moist for the whole week. I love you Carol's Daughter I am a fan for life!!!!
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