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Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling Butter
5 oz.

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OMG for Second-Day Hair
I have a lot of long, very fine, very dry, very fragile, cork-screw curly hair, colored blonde. I tend to wear it smoothed out, but sometimes I let it go curly. Either way, my ends start feeling dry on day 2 after shampooing. On day 3, the ends are like straw. Day six is indescribably dry and brittle. I've been searching for YEARS for something to moisten/condition second day hair but never found anything (any second day conditioner has water in it, which means horrible frizz fest for me). Then I came across Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. It's beyond my wildest dream of a product. No water, so no frizz. Moisturizing, but not oily. Works perfectly. I use it every day on my ends for a week, and maybe once or twice a bit more along the entire hair shaft. My hair loves this stuff. No more Mrs. Scarecrow for me.
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Porchia Gerald
Durham, NC
First successful twist out!
This along with the coconut milk foam lead me to my first successful twist out in 3 years. I love love love these products alone and together. 4c difficult to style hair is soft and controlled all day. Only downside is my hair is a bit greasy at the end of the day but it definitely doesn't weigh my fine strands down. I can deal with a greasy pillowcase for beautiful hair. 5 stars! A must have for my daily routine.
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San Diego, CA
Just a dab will do
I love this product for my 3c/4a curls. I use it with the styling foam to set my twist outs and love it! My twist outs literally last 7 days now! I have collarbone length hair and there was a learning curve of how much butter to use. The first couple of times I used too much and my hair was beautifully defined but VERY greasy to the touch. A little definitely goes a looooong way. My only complaint is the packaging. Towards the end of the tube, it is way too hard to squeeze out what's left. A jar would be a much package and easier to use.
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Orlando, FL
Great Product!
I love this product. I thought it would be too heavy for my fine hair, but it worked wonders. I will purchase this again and try it with the other Hair Milk products. My only CON is the packaging. It is very difficult to get the product out when it gets low. I had to cut the bottom off and scoop the rest of the product out.
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Debra A. Goodwin
Portsmouth, VA
Great Product
I have shoulder length very curly hair, transitioning from color to natural gray - my hair is very coarse, this keeps the frizz in check and keeps my curls. My only con that I can tell is the packaging. I have some arthritis and when it gets low, very difficult for me to get the rest of the product out, I split the tube and scoop out what is left and put in a jar and seal, I don't want to waste any of it.
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Saint louos, MO
Thank You
For so long I have been looking for a product to use that would soften my hair. I did a dry twist out were I just dampened my hair and added this product. The next day OMG my hair was unbelievably soft and not frizzy. This product was given to me by a young lady who was a product junkie and it didn't work for her! I have been natural it will be 3 years in July 2015. The best decision I have ever made. No regrets!! I have 4b/c kinky hair and this product is just what I needed I will be stocking my shelves with this product. Thank you Carols Daughter.
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Lilburn, GA
Definition without crunch
This product, along with the Hair Milk Styling Foam, has seriously revived and moisturized my curls! I was having a difficult time with my wash and go feeling crunchy. I love soft, touchable hair and it was very disappointing to have the appearance of defined curls but being afraid and embarrased to have anyone touch my hair. Not with the Hair Milk products! My hair has never looked so beautiful! My curls are perfectly defined and soo AMAZINGLY SOFT! I am so happy to have found the perfect combo for my hair. I am enjoying being natural now:)
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The Perfect Moisturizer
I have been trying to find that perfect product for my hair that would avoid me having to went my hair EVERY morning. I purchased a few of CD products but the Butter solved my problem. It INSTANTLY adds that shine, moisture and softness to your hair for the ENTIRE day! :)
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Battle Creek, MI
Frizz-free, touchable curls
This product is AMAZING. Produces super-soft, controlled, touchable, and (most importantly) frizz-free curls - even in the humid Michigan summer. Seriously - my hairstylist asked WHAT IN THE WORLD I was using, because my curls were so well controlled. Used along with the Styling Foam, it is the perfect combination styling combo. After trying EVERYTHING else, expensive and cheap, I finally found the dream curly-hair regimen. Can't recommend more highly.
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I have 4c hair and decided to try going natural again. I haven't seen my own hair in months as I've had a sew-in for nearly 3 months. The new growth was thick, dry, and painful to the touch! I was in Target looking for the Hair Honey when I figured I'd give this a shot. I desperately needed a moisturize and this does it! It definitely softened the new growth and made the experience of having my hair rebraided and sewn back in, much less painful. This is a God send! Thanks CD
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I really like this product. It keeps my Type 4/kinky/Tight/Coil Hair soft. I use every other day or on my ends to keep them from knotting up.
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G. Hall
Bowie, MD
Just Like Butta!
This really keeps my hair moisturized. I'm newly natural (big chopped the day before Easter), and my combination (4a/4c) hair stays thirsty. This really keeps it soft and shiny all day. I usually apply my Tui leave-in conditioner, followed by coconut oil and Shea butter. Afterwards, I apply this on my still wet hair. After it dries, I usually apply a little more, just to ensure it lasts all day. It doesn't do very much for curl definition, but if your main concern is soft and shiny hair, this is your product!
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Excellent product
I have been looking for over a year for a product that would define my fine curls without making them frizzy. I've tried many other products, and the only one that worked before was Redken Fresh Curls, but that line was discontinued, and nothing has worked until I used this styling butter. I put it on my hair when it is damp, and use maybe a dime sized amount. I rub my hands together and distribute it evenly through my hair. My curly hair is so defined, soft without the crunch you get from so many other brands, and it stays curly for two days. I was afraid it would make my hair greasy since it is a fairly thick product, but it doesn't. Also, the pricing is amazing. I've spent as much as $30 per product on other brands, and they definitely weren't worth their price. I will continue to buy this product. Please don't ever discontinue it.
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Endorsed by me :)
I recently brought this product from target to use on my full lace human hair wigs (curly and straight). This product is amazing! It took away frizz, made my hair manageable, does not have an over bearing smell and leaves the hair smooth and glossy NOT oily and weighed down. I use it on all my wigs. I recently lost my hair due to a scalp condition I have so I use my full lace wigs every day and care for them the same way I would care for my natural hair. Give it a try, your hair will thank you for it!
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Parma, OH
4C Must Have!!!
I have unmanageble 4C hair this is a perfect consistency and moisturizes wonderfully!!! Scent is nice not to strong. Staple product! Oh I purchased this at target.
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