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Lisa’s Regimen
92% Less Breakage, 5X Hair LIfe
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Carolyn Vance
Somerset, NJ
I just received the tsv of the monoi shampoo condition and anti breakage spray also the mask with that order al of the products are wonderful I am a 70 year woman with below shoulder length hair my hair started falling out by the hand full don't really know why but began talking to people they were saying the same.The first use of this product I saw and felt a big difference. Thank you so very much Lisa because I had been watching but did not believe at first.
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Tasha Holloway
Accokeek, MD
Glad I tried it!
I recently bought this set and used it for the first time this morning and I love it!!!! Not only does it smell good, but my hair FEELS good as well!!!!
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, VA
Lisa's Regimen Works
Wow its so funny that this regimen just came out because I've been doing the same thing for a while. I have natural hair and have been natural all my life, however I could never get the natural look I was looking for which kept me pressing my hair a lot to keep it straight. I searched a lot to find the best products and even started getting my hair washed and pressed in the salon and I thought to myself, I can continue doing this at home and save money. I used the Tui shampoo before and even the Hair Milk but I wasn't using the right techniques to give me the look I wanted. BUT...I found Monoi and WOW to this product. Something about it just brings my hair to life. Lessens the breakage and you can tell the difference THE FIRST TIME you use it. When the weather breaks I always try my curly natural look and a fews week ago I said, I'm going to try the hair milk again but I have to keep using my Monoi. And let me tell you...the best my hair has looked in my natural curl EVER. What I Did: 1. Washed and conditioned with Monoi 2. Applied Hair Milk Lite Leave-In Moisturizer 3. Applied a small amount of Hair Pudding to each twist. 4. Twisted my hair in medium sections 5. Wake up :) Take the twist out and get the many compliments! TRY IT....IT WORKS
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