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Pomegranate in Bloom Body Cream
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8.0 oz

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not what I expected scent wise, but great cream
I was really excited about this, but the scent of pomegranate is overpowered by something and more floral than I care for. My first thought was this smells like a candle when I opened it. I was not crazy about it when I used it, but I will say that after it was on for awhile it tamed down and was better. I think it is the floral I dont care for. I was looking for more of the crisp scent of pomegranate and apple type, a little sweet and crisp, which I believe it has, but it is over shadowed by whatever floral is in there. I am sure for someone who likes more of a floral edge on a scent it would be great. As for the quality of product, it is fabulous as always and super moisturizing. I plan to mix it with Natures Gate pomegranate lotion and tone down the floral and I am sure I will love the scent. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because I am just not a big floral fan, but if you do like that floral touch, it would be awesome. I am a huge fan of CD coconut, almond cookie, and vanilla truffle if that helps with scent selection.
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