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Cupuaçu Frizzless, Flawless Hair Set
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Tampa, FL
Love It
I ABSOLUTELY love Cupuacu. It makes my hair so soft. It smells great and infuses lots of moisture. I live in Florida and have natural hair. When I use the blow dry cream and flat iron my hair, it stays straight for about three days (which is excellent for my hair). I buy it whenever it is on sale and store it. I can not ever run out of it.
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Miami, FL
I had to write a review for this product. I've been natural for almost five years. Whenever I wanted to straighten my hair, I went to a Dominican beauty salon. As many of you know, the results are awesome, but includes a lot of heat on your hair. Also, the stylist wasn't always gentle with my hair and sometimes pulled a lot of it out. In an effort to get my hair back healthy, I stopped going and concentrated on home hair care. The problem is that when I straighten my hair at home, It always comes out frizzy and unmanageable because it gets really dry and won't retain moisture. To make matters worse, I live in Miami, Florida, where the humidity is awful; even if I managed to get my hair looking somewhat decent, I looked like Bozo the Clown within an hour. I ordered this set hoping I would get better results, and I was most definitely NOT disappointed. I'm not very good when it comes to blow drying my hair, but with the blow dry cream it did not matter. I have also used the other products for my curls and my blow dryer's diffuser attachment, and my hair feels so soft and smells amazing. Like some other customers, I found that the shampoo dried my hair a little bit. I counteracted this by pre-pooing with a combination of honey, egg yolk, and Jamaican black castor oil for about an hour, and the shampoo did not dry out my hair. The conditioner made the process of finger-detangling super easy, even though my hair is incredibly thick. As for the hair mask, I use it as a deep conditioner, using a heated deep-conditioning cap for 15-20 minutes. I have also used it without the use of heat, leaving it on my hair (and placing a plastic cap over it) for 30-45 minutes with the same results. My hair used to always feel dry after a wash, but felt incredibly moisturized even before I put on the hair mask. This line is fantastic, and I can't say enough. I have to say, however, that the claim of frizz-free hair for 72 hours is incorrect; I'm always frizz-free from wash to wash! I wash once a week (sometimes once every two, using dry shampoo between washes...don't judge me!) and the frizz is no longer a thought! About a week ago, the heat index reached 105 here, and humidity was at 100 percent, and my blow-out was over 3 days old. Yet I still looked fresh from the hair salon. Another benefit? I used to spend over $200 every month between professional hair care and home hair care products. Now I spend only a quarter of that. I must say,Lisa, with this line...girl, you did that!
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love Cupuacu
i have fell in love with CUPUACU I use the starter kit love it, the smell will take your breath away it smell that good . I have natural hair CUPUACU starter set work very well on my natural hair this will be the only product I will be using now. I were using MONOI but to me the CUPUACU gave me better result and my hair fell so soft and shine love it, I promise you will not want to use any other product other then Carols Daughter CUPUACU.
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upper Darby, PA
How cliche to say "I never right reviews"...but its the truth - I am a product junkie! As are most naturals - yet i've never loved (or hated) a product enough to take time out of my busy day to write a review. This product has compelled me to do just that! I made the mistake of coloring my hair at home - BIG mistake! My beautiful hair became so brittle and dry! EVERY time I touched it - it seemed as if it would just break off. It was all over my shirt, inside of my silk scarf, etc. I'd get m ends clipped and within a day or two the horrible frizz was back! I saw this advertised in Ulta. I bought the trial size just to try it - and when I tell you. it has been ABSOLUTELY amazing! My hair is silky again!!!! It's so shiny - it looks wet! This product is freaking amazing. Sitting at my dining room table reading and my 12 year old asked "why does your hair look so silky" the next day I used the product on her hair and now we're both addicted. WONDERFUL PRODUCT!!!
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Mechelle Sheppard
Tampa, FL
Absolutely Love It
I just used the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and blow cream; and I love the products. My hair feels great...soft, smooth and silky. And boy my hair smells wonderful.
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Brooklyn, NY
Definitely Made With Love
I've been using CD products since 2007....I've tried almost every product of every line (Hair milk butter & foam and macadamia) but have stuck with the monoi line. Though I hardly use heat on my hair, usually once a hair, being familiar with and a consumer of the moringa leaf and seed for health benefits,an ingredient in the line, I knew I just had to give this a try. My 3C/4A hair is singing songs of praises!! I could finger de tangle while shampooing with ease....something I'm never really able to do- from the minute I put the first squeeze on my hair, the frizz started to disappear. My hair is smoother, softer and easier to manage. Despite my longstanding and loving relationship with monoi, it's time to move on- I'm in LOVE!
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Miami, FL
Frizz No More
I bought this for myself and two of my girls. This works wonders on their hair. Their hair is smooth and lays flat and doesn't become unruly by days end. I love this product. The hair mask is such a bonus!!
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Modesto, CA
Loving the frizz control.
My youngest has thick, curly, dry, frizzy hair that been a challenge to manage. We've been using the original formula for a few years now and she liked it. When the frizz control line came out, I thought it would be worth a try. OMG this stuff is amazing! Her hair is softer, more manageable, and no more frizz! She loves it!! I think we're making a permanent switch. :)
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I am a believer
I am Caucasian with fine naturally curly and naturally frizzy hair. I was skeptical about using this product but I am so glad I decided to purchase. I am on day 4 of using this product and live in an area that has extremely high humidity. I was a WEN hair girl for almost 2 years but it would never work for me in the summer months when the humidity was high and my hair would look like a “Brillo Pad” after exercising or being outside for any amount of time. I immediately noticed a difference on the first day when I had to attend an outside graduation party. After the event, it was evident my hair remained straight and did not frizz –therefore no hat was needed. This product is certainly going to change my life and not require the use of the straight iron multiple times throughout the day. It is an amazing product and worth every single dollar. If you are skeptical, don’t be - this really does what is says it will do for you. My only recommendation is for possibly a better scent.
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You're Fired!!!
That's what I told all my frizz control products from other companies. Finally I have found something that works on my frizz prone hair, which by the way is natural. I am a product junkie who have tried more expensive and less expensive products, but this set is a winner. By the way, I also have the Monoi set which I love too. Guess I will have to alternate.
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Laura Jones
Scottsdale, AZ
Great new product
Just got this last week and I love the frizz control. I usually use the Chocolate, so I was interested to see whether my fine hair could smooth without being limp and it worked. I haven't tried the hair mask yet.
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New York, NY
I am uncertain of my hair type pattern. I am of Barbadian and Cameroon (West African) ancestry. The best way to describe it is kinky, dry and hard to manage, now that I am slowly cutting away at my shoulder length relaxed hair. I have been transitioning since July 2013 and it's been a crazy journey trying to find products that work. I tried the Monoi line and it made my hair extremely dry, knotty and tangled. It was horrible. The Carol's Daughter Transition 123 Kit was just so so with its results and I went back to cowashing my hair with WEN 316 and WEN Fig products. I would then flat iron my hair using Marguerite's Magic or Healthy Hair Butter, which I love. However, it would weigh down my hair and only allow for up dos. Then I saw this Cupuacu line and thought I'd give it a whirl, praying that it was nothing like the Monoi products. I received it in 2 days with CD's awesome free shipping and OMG... my hair was FABULOUS! I used all 4 products in the collection. My hair was detangled. It took less time to flat iron (15min... usually 45min to 1 hour). It was bouncy, soft, flowing and MOISTURIZED! Usually my hair is crunchy without the proper products. I'd gotten so many compliments at work. My date was in awe of my hair. Thank you, Lisa, for this line of fabulousness!!! Other Carol's Daughter products that work wonders for my ethnic hair/skin: - Macadamia Smoothing Pomade/Gel - Macadamia Hair Serum - Hair Balm - Coconut Shea Souffle And the Lisa's Kitchen Kits, all of them, were fun projects for my mother and I to do together!
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Jersey City, NJ
WOW! Shine, Gloss, and NO more tangles!!
This product line is AWESOME!!! I have been using Monoi for a couple years. I have blonde color treated wavy hair. With these cold winter months my hair has been knotty and tangled by the nape of my neck. This gentle shampoo and RICH, LUXURIOUS hair mask actually allowed me to finger detangle my hair in the shower - which is UNHEARD of for me. WOW, WOW, WOW! This is awesome. The conditioner will be great for maintenance, but for the next couple months I am going to keep using the mask. ADD THIS TO YOUR ROUTINE and you will not be sorry. I will switch back and forth between Cupuacu and my Monoi.. but Cupuacu has definitely won a place in my heart. <3 Like Carol's Daughter said I now have flawless hair.
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