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Tui Moisturizing Hair Smoothie Duo
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Tui as a Styler :)
I really like this product. This is my first CD product and I had done alot of research before making this purchase. I am transitioning; I have been for almost a year now. I am a slow transitioner, so half of my hair is still relaxed and from what I understand, I have 4c type hair. Pros: 1. Smells delicious: has a fruity smell that I never get tired of. 2. Light consistency: if you hold the container upside down, it won't fall out, but if you give it a slight shake, the contents will begin to slide. 3. Holds curls: I chose to use this product as a styler rather than a deep conditioner, so I would do my twist outs/bantu knots at night with this hair smoothie, then in the morning take it out. 4. Great Detangler: I would spray a bit of water, and then apply some Tui on and smoothly detangle my hair...All the time...Every day. 5. A little goes a long way: sounds like it says, don't use too much to avoid that product build-up feeling, a little (the size of your pinky nail) is just enough per twist strand. Cons: 1. I have seborrheic dermatitis (which is just a really flaky scalp, no matter what I put on it), so using this as a styler just left white residue on my hair, in addition to the dandruff my scalp was already producing. Right now, I have senegalese twists in my hair as a protective style, but next time I remove them, I will use the TUI hair smoothie as a deep conditioner to better evaluate the product.
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Tui is great on relaxed hair!!! Coming from a skeptic product junkie
Tui left my hair smelling delish, bouncy, and shiny! I used the hair smoothie, leave-in, and oil! I personally don't use shampoo except on my relaxer day! I love it and will order again. Leave-in is great to control edges just spritz and go. FYI...if you don't care for products with strong scents this might not be for you. I love the scent; it is stronger than the black vanilla .
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Awesome Product
I decided to try CD products after I saw one of my friends hair. It looked so healthy and bouncy just like she came from the salon. She told me she didn't go to the salon that she used CD products. I purchased the Tui smoothie along with the shampoo and leave in conditioner. I was amazed how soft and moisturized my hair felt after because I have very coarse unmanageable hair. I now use CD products in all my daughters hair, not to mention the smell is delightful and lasts for days. I just love your products. Also i went into a CD store the other day and it smelled great. I asked the woman behind the counter what that wonderful smell was and she told me that she was burning Monoi oil but its not sold to the public. Please consider releasing that product to the public it would be another best selling items just like the rest of your products.
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Queens Village, NY
I am in love with TUI, I am in the transitioning process and each and every time i use tui, i fall deeper in love with my hair. I don't regret going natural now that I have found TUI. Awsome product and it smells deliTUIous.
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Locs love Tui Hair Smoothie
Used Tui Hair Smoothie as a deep conditioner on my locs. They feel soft and moisturized now. I plan to use this once a month. I used this when I was a loose natural... glad my locked hair still loves it.
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Great for My hair ONLY!
I ordered this product for my daughter who has a different texture hair than mine. However, I decided that I wanted to try it on my kinky (4A/B) hair, which had not been permed for about 4 months. I was SHOCKED at how easily the comb went through: especially since a perm had not been applied for several months. It also left my hair extremely soft. I was so excited that I ordered 2 more containers of it, because I wanted to make it a staple in my hair regime. With that said!!!! I used it on my daughter’s hair (3B) and it did absolutely nothing, and I was very disappointed….VERY!
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The Detanglator
I would be in tears detangling my hair in the shower. Tui Smoothie came and rescued me. Actually this is the product that made me a CD addict. Anything that could turn my bobwire hair into butter had to possess supernatural powers. Since then I have bought many other products to come up with a regimen that works for my hair type. You cant go wrong with any of CD products but we all have such different curl type and hair styles you will have to research it on your own. But start with Tui Smoothie for tangles- I wash my hair then detangle with my fingers then a wide tooth comb in the shower.
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New Orleans, LA
Love it!
I tried the Tui Hair Smoothie a few days ago for the first time because my scalp was very dry and my hair needed more moisture. I washed my hair and used the Tui Hair Smoothie and kept it in for 15 minutes. My hair was much easier to manage and it is moisturized like no bodies business! Love it...! It is definitely a keeper. Thank you Carol!
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Im relaxed (9months post relaxer) Dealing with the 2 textures is difficult but with the Tui Hair Smoothie detangling is a breeze. My hair is always left soft tangle free and smelling like paradise.
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Monique Young
Central Islip, NY
This is amazing to say the LEAST
my hair loves this loves this loves this and I will use the hair smoothies for the rest of life LOL
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