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Curly Style Set
93% Less Shedding
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These products are awesome!
I have been using the Transitioning 123 Kit, since December 2013. I went natural in November. The low-poo makes my hair very soft. The scalp spray makes my scalp tingle in a nice way and the Anti-breakage condition softens my hair. I like the curly kit and I use the Olive Oil Infusion Kit also. I note that when I use it that I do not have a lot of breakage. I really like the products and I unfortunately it took me trying another product to see how great these products are. I love the smell and the way they make my hair feel. When I use these products I can detangle my hair easily and have beautiful hair styles. I am a product junkie and have just about tried everything. These are the best products! My hair is 4A/4C.
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New kent, VA
Hello everyone! I have decided i want to go natural i have been getting perms for as long as i can remember. I have never seen my hair in its natural state because i have always had a perm.i want to use these products to help me transition from relaxed to natural i want to see what my natural curl pattern is because again i can't recall ever seeing my hair in its natural state. So my questions is which kit do i start with? Again i want to transition from relaxed to natural and i want to train my curl pattern
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1/2 right
Going on 7 months without a relaxer and decided to try out CD products. Heard of them from years back..but now since in "Transition" phase--decided to get the Transition Curly Style kit. Using no/little heat at all.. I was sorely disappointed with the Transition kit itself.. Wet my hair, applied the low-poo and instant change in texture.. went from smooth to the touch to hard and tangled. :-( I was hoping this product would bring out curl and provide a 'wash & go' look. But it failed..sorry to say. The spray (step 2) was ok, but didn't see/feel any difference at all in my hair after using. The key product that did provide some treatment was the cream (step 3). It provided a detangling, siky finish. Haven't tried the Healthy Hair butter yet, but looks promising. Tui moisturizing spray was fair-mild noticeable, will keep and try on the next wash. Going to return the 3-step kit. Honestly would love to keep the step 3..but return policy doesn't allow partial set returns.
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newark, DE
Not really for long hair
I tried the transitioning set and it did not work for my long hair. Considering the amount of money that your spend for the product I used a bit more than about 1/3 of the bottle on my first use due to the thickness and the length of my hair.
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I am happy with the transitioning kit. As i have 4a hair this has helped with breakage and dryness (especially on the ends). The first time I tried it I was like this is not doing anything for me but now using it 4 times it has made a tremendous difference in the texture of my hair. My ends which use to be extremely knotty when i washed are no longer there and combing my hair when done is a breeze. This leaves my hair very easy to control. I don't like the Tui it makes my hair hard and dry so I purchased the Black Vanilla leave it instead and in between washes i cowash with the Black Vanilla conditioner what a difference it makes. As for the hair butter I use it a few days after i wash or if i'm going to wear my hair in a ponytail (don't use a lot the scent is heavy) I prefer maguerite magic love the way that smells. I don't know how long it takes to fully transition so i will be buying one more kit and use it and by the time summer is over i shouldn't have to purchase another one and then i will try the Hair Milk Kit again.
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Shareese Johnson
Missouri City, TX
Curly Style Set, Relaxed to Natural
I must say I love Carol's Daughter products. The Transition Kit has really prevented me from having a lot of breakage to my hair. My last relaxer was Sept 2012 and I had a short cropped hair style, so most of my relaxer was on the the top and the the sides of my head. I still have quite a bit relaxed ends on the top and side of my head, but I have been trimming little by little. The back of my head has no relaxer left and these products make my hair feel super soft. I have been using the products as directed and not using to much product. Due to the two different textures I have been doing Bantu Knots and Twist Outs to maintain my Afro which looks good. You can hardly tell where the relaxed hair ends and natural hair begins. I have decided to transition my 11 yr old daughter as well, her last relaxer was also Sept 2012. I have the same results on her hair as well. When I was relaxing my hair my scalp always had sores, scaling, dandruff and was always tender,. but since I have changed to these products I don't have that problem anymore.
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I'm Loving it, and my little sisters love it too.
I order 123 curly style set, Macadamia finish shine mist, heat protection serum, and hold & control smoother. I receive my order today than I get my 6 years old little sister hair done using Macademia Heat protection serum to straight her extreme curly hair for the first time on her birthday today when I'm done straighting her hair I spay a little bit of Macademia finish shine mist. She loves the smell her hair look so beautiful and smell so good people keep asking me if I put relaxer on her hair. For my 8 year old little sister I used the 123 curly sets on her hair I love the smell and so is my mother when she get home asking where did I get this product she loves it. I can't wait tomorrow to take those weave off my hair and try my new CD 123 curly set. I been trying not to put relaxer in my hair so far its been one year since I have relaxer and my hair I dont even remember what type of hair I have or had, she put relaxer on my hair when I turn 4 that was 20 years ago, here I'am trying to go natural after 20 year I Known I'm going to like my natural hair she said me and my sisters have the same type of hair. I'm hoping when my 8 year old little sister see my natural hair she will want to go back to natural to after 4 years of relaxer. I let you guys known how its goes on monday going to try CD tomorrow.
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Dawn Wilson-Oliver
Coatesville, PA
First, I want to thank you for making such a wonderful product. I am a 40 year old active woman, born with naturally curly hair and who loves to work-out. After my evening workouts and blow drying and bumping my hair in the morning for work, by the end of the week my hair looked and felt dry and brittle. I would spend all weekend deep conditioning it. I wanted to find a product that would give my curls the attention it deserves, and give it the much needed break it needed. So, earlier this year I decided that I was going to go all natural embrace my hair and let it be free and grow..No more perms, hot combs, blow dryers; my hair looked tired. So I figured that I would give your product a try, I started with the Hair Milk sample kit, and the next day I order 3 full sets. My hair looks absolutely beautiful. The co-wash is wonderful, it leaves my hair feeling like silk, and the hair pudding is perfect, it is light and leaves my curls bouncy and my hair wavy all day, and soft to the touch. I ordered 2 extra kits for my daughter and granddaughter, who both have similar hair textures, and looking for easy ways to embrace our natural hair again. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.
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I was very disappointed in this product, from the very beginning of the whole process, start to finish, the texture of my hair changed. I have naturally wavy, thin hair, which has not been relaxed since may of this year, I have been using Kismera line products, and heard about Carol's daughter from my mom, so we decided to try it, my hair has been drying out fast of course, with the growing of the perm. But I have had better results with the previous products, I am sitting at my desk with a bush on top of my head, knotted,dry, and just looks awful,can't wait to get off and wash this mess of my hair. Maybe my hair is to soft for this product and does need this type of treatment. But this is defintely not for me. I would not try it again, Sorry Carol's Daughter, I don't know if I would even recommend to someone else.
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transition question
Hi fellow naturalist I am in the process of transitioning my hair i first started i went 8 months without a relaxer then i couldnt take the courseness. I watched plenty of youtube videos but my result wasnt comming up the same. so i permed my hair. now im starting from stratch an my last relaxer was September 28 but my hair grows fast so in this time it feel like 2months of new growth. I want to purchase this product but im wondering how long will this supply last? a month or is it a 2 week product? Also is it to early for me to use this product?
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Tennitra Scott Newsome
Slidell, LA
Transition curly style set
I purchased the transition curly style set thats with Tui leave in condition and Healthy Hair butter. I love it, I had not done my hair since I was a littler girl with Jerri curl/afro style. The transition 123 is great especially since my hair is course, think, and itchy when it starts with new growth it took me a little time to get accustomed to twisting my hai,r but after two weeks I feel a lot comfortable doing it. Transition makes the room smell like a spa and the Tui leave in conditioner and healthy hair butter has a nice smell when use for styling. Healthy hair butter is really slppery so dont use so much like I did the first time..did not know it has that much moisture was so use of using a lot of it without all the benefits of moisture leaves moist for at least two days for me. Hope this was helpful
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Good Kit but all the products may not work for you
Overall, I like the idea of this kit. The #3 step conditioner is cool and minty. It detangles great and makes my hair so soft. I like the hair butter but the gingery scent is very strong and linger for a long time. Which may be fine for some but after a while it gives me a headache but I like the product itself, just not the scent. The low-poo shampoo(#2 step) doesn't do much for my hair and makes it very dry and brittle. The renewing scalp spray is refreshing but it's hard to get to the scalp of my thick hair without using the conditioner first. The product the works the least for me is the Tui leave in conditioner. It has a strong scent once again and it does not help with detangling my hair. It actually makes it a bit hard. But overall, I think this is a good product to start with and may work with your hair. I probably have a 3C/4A hair type with fine hair but lots of it.
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memphis, TN
Life Changing
A couple of weeks ago I made a decision to go natural after 30 years of relaxing my hair. I knew that Carols Daughter would have the perfect product to begin my journey. The Transitioning 123 Kit is awesome. The feeling that it gives your hair is unbelievable. I haven't had a relaxer in 4 months. The cleanser and the spray really allowed me to detangle my hair with just my fingers. It was genius of them to pair the kit with the Tui leave in conditioner and healthy hair butter. After using all the products my hair was shiny and actually begin to curl naturally. I am looking forward to my journey from relaxed to natural, especially now that I have these great products from Carols Daughter! Thank you Lisa for all that you do.
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