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Black Vanilla Conditioning Hair Set

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My daughter will be 8 in January. I am white/hispanic and her father is black. Her hair are those really tight kinky curls. Seeing as my hair type is way different than hers I didn't know how to take care of it. I was washing it every other day because the curls would get yucky and matted. Her hair started to dry out and then I learned her hair is only supposed to be washed 1x every 2 weeks!? What?! I used every product under the sun, none worked! Someone turned me on to Carol's Daughter. I have been using this line on her hair now for the past 6 months! Her hair is sooooo much more hydrated. I usually keep it straight for her. Before when I straightened it, it would look like a stiff board. Now it's soft and supple and beautiful! I am so happy to have found your products. My daughter is also happy that she can now have a "pony tail that hangs down and moves to and fro!" Thank you! I will be a forever buyer!
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Ever since my friend told me i should start using sulfate-free products for my hair, I started to look into it. My aunt recommended to try carol's daughter and ever since i've fell in love with their products. Of all the products i used in my life this combination made a huge difference in my hair, it made it extra soft and moisturized, and it smells so so good. I'm actually using this product to transition from relaxed to natural. So far so good!!
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wonderful stuff :)
I am so glad i got an ipsy sample (which i have yet to try) of a carols daughter product. I looked through my bag and checked the website because i had never heard of it before. I was pleasantly surprised with the ingredients and the very cute back story so i thought i would give some sale products a try i have VERY fine hair..but a lot of it. I find it breaks and damages so easily and i have been in the process of growing it out for around 5 years now after a bad hair cut. so bad i had to grow it out and cut it and grow it out and cut it. long story short I am almost back to my old length and am constantly in search of products to help grow and protect my hair. (ones that are not stinky.) I love LUSH happy happy joy joy but it does zip for my hair besides make it smell good. I found this product became addicted. Not only to the lovely vanilla smell it leaves me with but with the label promises that are kept. No frizz, soft hair, less breakage (from what it feels like) shine and it is not heavy or greasy. Yes, there is only so much a shampoo and condition can do but these are about as good as they get. The leave in treatment was slightly leaky when i opened the package but it was not a big enough deal to contact the company.. maybe a table spoon out . Great products, great quality more purchases to come.
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