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Chocolät Smoothing Collection 3-Piece Starter Kit

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Very Good Product!!
I received this product back in December 2013 and I loved it. After washing and blow drying my hair, I went to my beautician to let her flat iron it with a marcel flat iron. She asked me what had I used on my hair because it had worked so well. Normally she would use a serum to help straighten my hair, but she didn't have to use it this time. She didn't add anything extra and my hair stayed straight for over 3 weeks. It was shiny, soft, and it layed very well. The only reason it didn't last longer is because I accidently got it wet. I'm not an expert on hair types. From looking at photos, it looks like I could be a 4b. I have alot of shrinkage when wet. When straightened my hair comes to my bra strap. For maintenance I would wrap it every night. Before using this product, my hair wouldn"t last 30 after being straightened. It would start to puff out alittle bit just from walking around the mall. Sometimes I would wrap my hair right then in the salon before leaving so it wouldn't be exposed to the air. I would absolutely 100% recommend this product.
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Sharde B
Columbus, OH
I've been transitioning for 6 months and I've be so scared to put heat on my hair, but after trying this I think I will be straightening my hair more. This set left my hair looking like I just left the shop. It cut my blow drying time in half and left my hair straight for days. I definitely suggest this product
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Atlanta, GA
Loving this stuff!!!!!
So I like to straighten my hair but it takes way longer at home then when my stylist does it, tried this kit and it cut a whole hour and a half out of the process!!! Shampoo and conditioner sooth my hair and smell awesome then the blow dry cream makes blow drying my hair super easy and nearly as straight as the flat iron!!! Will never straighten my hair with anything else again because I have found the solution!
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Natalie Westby
Silky Smooth!
This collection is wonderful! I have been natural for about 3 years and I have 3b hair. I wanted to change up my look so I tried the chocolat collection and lemme tell you, this stuff works! My hair was relaxer straight, but without the crunchiness, greasiness, chemical smell or breakage. My hair was moisturized, smooth, soft and touchable! My husband loves touching my hair! I also use the shampoo and conditioner when I want bigger looser curls when I do a twist out. I give these products 10 out of 10!
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soft and bouncy!
I love this product!! I have natural hair and I wanted to change up my look by going straight. I've tried all sorts of heat protecting products before I started using C.D. and they've all left my hair dry, crunchy, or even tangled! But this collection changed all that! It was so simple, just wash, condition and use a dime sized amount of the blow dry cream and boom! soft straight bouncy hair and it lasts for ddddaaaayyyyyzzzz!! And it stays moisturized too! thanks Carol's Daughter!
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Worked Wonders on my Rod Set
I have tight natural hair with lots of shrinkage. I tried the entire kit with my rod set which always comes out frizzy. I also used the Macadamia nut heat protecting foam. I didn't use a blow dryer or flat iron, just put in the rods and sat under the hooded dryer for 1 hour and let it air dry for a few hours after that. I got the smoothest, silkiest, least frizziest rod set EVER. I never review products but I couldn't find reviews of someone who tried the product with a rod set with no blow out or flat iron. If you're thinking of using it with your rod or roller set go for it. You deserve kudos for an excellent set of products.
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Dumfries, VA
Ultra Smooth
I got this starter kit about a week ago and wow, I was really surprised at how well it worked! I have been wearing my hair natural for some time now and I was fighting to keep it manageable. So I opted to get a brazilian blow (bb) out, which help, but I was not able to wear my hair naturally and get the effect that I wanted. Yes, the bb made my hair more manageable, but it did not give me ALL the options that I wanted. So, I saw this kit in the store last week and thought I would try it. Once I completed my blow dry process after completing all three products, I was really surprised at how smooth my hair was from the root to end. It was truly amazing. Then I used my new flat iron on it and it looked and felt AMAZING! This starter kit has sold me....NO MORE BB! Don't need it and don't want it any more! I will be using CHOCOLAT line from now on. To maintain my straight style, I just use my flat iron to touch up targeted areas. Did I mentioned the body & bounce effect this product line develops when using these product?! My hair has the bounce and swing my hair had when I was a young girl! LOVE IT!-)
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Very Impressed!
I am as of February, a completely natural curly haired woman. YAY! I have learned that I have very soft but very weird curls that are tight in some places and wavy in others and I am just beginning to truly love and enjoy my healthy new head of hair. With that said, I do miss having the occasional straight look for certain times.. So I purchased this kit along with the heat protection serum to see how it was would work on usually very big, very curly, and frizz prone hair. I live in NC so I was not looking for the products to do much more for me than a day or so after having it flat ironed. I used the shampoo and conditioner as directed on the box and I have to say first off, the smell was amazing. After the wash and condition my hair was soft and clean and very easy to detangle. After combing it out and using a bit of my BV Leave in, I used the blow dry cream and I have to say it works wonders. Afterward, I used the heat protection serum on my hair for the flat ironing. Well it has last much longer than the 72 hours mentioned on the box and it is indeed controlling the frizz and staying smooth. I am very impressed and I will be investing in the larger sizes in the future for the occasional change up from my usual curly styles.
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I bought this kit and did not have high hopes for it. The shampoo was a nice texture and did a good job of cleansing my hair. The conditioner left tangles in my hair (same as the MONI conditioner). The leave on cream is fabulous my hair actually looks like I used a flat iron on it and hair looks very healthy. I have wavy hair I am part white and part Hispanic. I have definitely found my leave in cream to straighten my hair. I use Hair Milk when I want my hair to be nice and wavy. Four stars because of the conditioner did not help with tangles.
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Lakeisha W
Chicago, IL
I love it!!!
Let me start by saying I have been natural for about 3 years. I get a blow out and style at least every 2 to 3 months. My hair is trained basicly to be straight except for the new growth of course. I have not had my hair did in about 4 weeks now. I only put Cream of Naturl Argan oil in my hair. I went into Macys a few months ago to purchase the Hair Milk sample set. They were sold out as well as on line so I decided to purchase the Chocolat Smoothing Collection. I finally decided to do my hair last night. I am completely happy with this product. My hair feels so soft. It has body and smells great. Not like Chocolate either. My coworker have been complimenting my hair all day. I am not a professional. I barely no how to do my own hair. I will not be going to the shop for a while. This product was well worth the wait. You have new long time customer and sister in me. I still used my argan after blow drying but other than that I am completely satisfied with the out come!!! I don't know what took me so long but I am finally glad I used my Chocolat Smoothing Collection!!!!
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Oh Chocolat
I'm very suprise how this product handled my hair. I have natural hair with the exception of highlights. It made my hair easy to detangle and the straighten lasted longer than 72 hours. I love the smell !!!! I will be using again in the future. It's a lot safer than the keratine blowouts I've gotten the last year and a half.
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D. Riddick
Allentown, PA
Time Saver
I've been completely natural since 2002, and the process of straitening my hair has always been time consuming. Wash, blow dry and flat iron usually took about 2 hours plus. I tried this product because I want to have straight hair for an interview during the middle of the summer. I don't straighten my hair during the summer because it usually frizzes up immediately and its a waste of time. I could tell the difference immediately after blowing my hair, my hair was less puffy and only required one swipe from the flat iron. I loved my results and was pleased that it only took me an hour to have soft and smooth hair. So excited to have smooth hair for my interview, I unwrapped my hair and styled my hair. When I walked out to the summer humidity, I noticed my hair starting to puffy up, I went back in the house, flat ironed my hair and wrapped it back up, I didn’t unwrap my hair until I got to my interview. My hair was beautiful for my interview and NO FRIZZ. The product lasted in my hair for a week with NO FRIZZ after the first initial day in the humidity.
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Nandi O
Philadelphia, PA
I am so obsessed with this product. The starter kit is a WONDERFUL way to test out each of the Chocolat line products. I have VERY curly 3c/4a hair and I can almost never get it sleek and straight when I do it at home. I usually have to go to the salon for those results. From the moment I started blow drying, I felt an INSTANT change. My hair was so bouncy and beautiful. The finished product was GORGEOUS. My hair was bouncing ALL DAY. THANK YOU CAROLS DAUGHTER. I haven't seen my hair so beautiful in a straight state since I went natural. I WILL be buying the full sized Chocolat line products ASAP. Def my new staple. :)
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Oceanside, CA
LOVE, LOVE THIS CHOCOLAT TRIO! This is the BEST hair products I have ever used and I have tried everything on the market & then some! From the way my hair looks & smells, trust me Ladies you will fall in love with the scent, its addicting, just like chocolate only this is soft, yummy, DELICIOUS! I have long hair, I'm Caucasian and it works like nothing I have ever used before. THANK YOU so very much for making this product, my only wish is for this to come in a larger size with a pump! Thank you "Carols Daughter" you're the best, truly gifted in what you do and Thank you for all your hard work in bringing these great products to market!
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P.A. Watkins
Cane Ridge, TN
Worth Trying
I had a short hair cut that I wanted to grow out so I got a sew in. A year and 7 inches later, I realized I needed to lay off the heat to reach my goal (BSL). The first use, my hair felt great! I can't say it felt better over time, like one reviewer mentioned, but I was pleased with the results after blow drying. My hair did seem a bit dry after using but I noticed less shedding and the best part - NO FRIZZ! The sides of my hair used to ALWAYS frizz up, even after light heat. It just hit me today - since the first use, this has not been an issue. Everyone's hair is different, when you're going natural or stretching, it can be alot of trial and error but this was definitely worth it:)
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Melissa Long
Jonesboro, GA
Love Chocolat!
I've been wearing sew-ins and wigs for the last year and 1/2 because I wanted to cease the use of chemicals on my hair but was afraid of the natural look. I have thick, course hair, straight from the mother land. I heard about this product and ran over to get it on my lunch break... foregoing food. I was so excited. I tried and and my hair was straight, soft and bouncy. I love it! Now I love being natural! Thanks, CD!
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