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Hair Milk Lite Leave-In Moisturizer
8 fl oz

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Upper Marlboro, MD
Favorite Carol's Daughter Product
OH MY GOSH...This product works soooooo well on my hair. My hair type is 4C (very coily) and very thick. When I put this product on my hair after washing it, It turned into a smooth transition. I massaged it into my hair and then proceeded to comb through, and I have to say, It was the first time I didn't have to struggle with trying to comb my hair, and also my hair wasn't dry. THIS IS A MUST HAVE PRODUCT!
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Pretty Good
I have been searching for a long time for something to use on my two year old. Her hair is very curly and tends to be dry. This product is really works great...I feel that (for her hair) it works better as a detangler than a moisterizer, which still is great for me. I would defenitly recommend this to others.
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Grambling, LA
Hair Milk was excellent
I purchase this stuff on my birthday because i needed to find something that was going to keep my waves soft and non frizzy since i am in a area where it is very dry but i love using this stuff along with the curly pudding and this coconut leave in conditioner my hair feels extremely soft and of course i use avocado oil also. But i love this stuff because my hair is fine wavy and pretty coarse in areas. But I'm giving this 4 stars because it does what it actually says it's going to do. My hair doesn't feel super dry because some cream based moisturizers dries out my hair. So i'm going to stick with this product for longest. Thank you carols daughter for making a product like this although i am full transitioning from relaxed to natural. And so far my hair is pretty and wavy and i love it.
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San Francisco, CA
I like it but...
I have been using this product on my daughter's hair for over 4 years now, and I like it very much. However, I've notice in the recent years that the packaging is being changed and getting smaller every time I purchase it! I swear it has gotten at least 2 ozs smaller since I've been using it. I think that is absurd and I feel cheated. If you need to raise the price I'd prefer if that was just done rather than constantly shrinking the product size. At this point, I'm not sure I will continue to use this, as there are many other natural hair products available now that cost less money.
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Hair milk leave-in moisturizer
I really love the results from using this leave-in moisturizer. The lite moisturizer works best for me during the spring and summer months. I really love this product.
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Miami, FL
Awesome for 3B Curlfriends
This moisturizer is ah-may-sing! Being bi-racial (hispanic and black) means my hair texture is mixed. My 3B curls are always so thirsty but I have to be careful with products that contain oils. I use the hair milk straight out of the shower. I love the way it smells-it smells like roses and I always get complements on the way my hair smells. CD hair milk lite leaves my hair with the perfect balance of moisture and oils to seal. I mix my hair milk (1 part moisturizer, 2 parts water) as a morning refresher spray and I am good to go!
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rosedale, NY
Hair Milk Lite = Soft/ Moisturized Hair
I love hair milk lite because it leaves my hair softer and more moisturized than any other Leave-In conditioner I have tried. Well if you are familiar with hair type I have 4C hair and I feel like my hair drinks down moisture like its no bodies business so it is important for me to have a conditioner in my hair that lasts. I use Hair milk lite in combination with the curly pudding when doing twist out and it does not weight down my hair at all.
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Vallejo;Ca, CA
wonder curls
I where my hair in a natural curly fohawk! I'm the wash condition & GO kinda girl After I wash add LITE HAIR MILK....COMB SET MY CURLS & let my hair AIR DRY. OR DEFUSER. if I'm in a hurry while I shower an do my make-up SWOOSH MY FINGER'S THROW IT and WHAH*LA fabulous...shinky...luxurious. curls that look SALON STYLED!!!! Bravo CAROLS DAUGHTER ......BRAVO! !!!!!!!!!!!'
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Not as good as the original version of the Hair Milk
I am a huge CD fan, I started using the products on my daughter's hair about 2 years ago...with glorious results. The Hair Milk was always my favorite product, it worked wonders on my daughter's curly hair and the smell was just wonderful. However, now with the new changes to the Hair Milk, I am not loving it as much. It's simply not as good, whatever changes you made to the original formula was a bad idea. I don't like the fact that to use the new Hair Milk the instructions suggest soaking wet hair. I always used the original product on my daughter's damp hair. I can't use this on soaking wet hair in the morning before school. The smell is horrible now too, it reminds me of hand lotion. Ugh!! Bring back the original Hair Milk please- this new version just does not compare.
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Hair Milk Lite
This stuff is awesome and really coincides with the cowash conditioning wash. It defined my curls even more as soon as it was put in and I have to say I'm pleased with the product. I will most definitely purchase this when I run out since I bought the starter package. I can actually do a wash n go instead of twisting my hair to get definition
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Camden, NJ
Cannot live without
As a daughter of a stylist, I've tried almost everything on the market to manage my out of control hair. I discovered Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk a few years ago and have not been able to switch to anything else since! My hair isn't necessarily curly, but more out of control wave and frizz most of the time. A small bit of Hair Milk, and folks think I have gorgeous naturally curly beautiful hair... I've never had a product that is so reliable, so easy to use, and so cheap (I only use a little, one bottle last me 6 months or so) that I love this much! I now order both the regular and the lite, as it depends on my hair length and the humidity outside which works best. I tell everyone I know to try this.. and have converted a few friends! Please don't ever stop making the Hair Milk, I'll be devastated!
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Vera James
Pleasantville, NJ
New Bottle look for Hair Milk
I love the new design on the bottle!!! Much Better!!
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