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Almond Cookie Spa Experience Set
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Almond Cookie Spa Experience
Love this stuff! It will literally leave your skin as soft as a baby's bottom with lots of moisture. It also gives your skin a very unique glow, and it smells great which is always a plus!
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Bear, DE
Almond Cookie reunited
CD's Almond Cookie products are the best smelling products and they moisturize wonderfully. The smell helped me and my husband become reunited and with CD's Almond Cookie product it feels and smells so good! Thank you CD, your the best!
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Almond Cookie * The Very Best of All..to me!
My Honey introduced me to Almond Cookie through a sample a few years ago and I can not live without it! Though I have noticed the change in the ingredients ( yes, I save and compare bottle labels); it has not strayed me away. I am still committed. I still have that elegant smell to my skin after using and makes you feel pretty all over; with just a drop. I constantly receive compliment, after compliment on the scent; people have stopped in the the grocery store and asked..Umm what is that you are wearing? I proudly them them Carol's daughter Almond Cookie. I have tried the other scents as well, but Girl you sure hit a HOMERUN when you can out with this one. The only problem I have is, I just can't seem to get the Natrual Spray Vaporiseur anymore. PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE tell me where I can now find it. We have driven out of state just to purchase it at you Manhattan location, just to be let down; it wasn't there and we were told, they don't think you are coming back with it.
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Newark, NJ
Newborn Baby Soft
I have been a CD fan for about 6 years now and I want to try other scents, but I am addicted to Almond Cookie!!!!!!! I am a moisturizer Queen and NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING compares to CD products, I have used other high end products from A TO Z from department stores everywhere....yea there are some 'nice' ones, but CD wins the race by countries!!!! The sea salt scrub leaves you feeling like you have been to a spa, you can feel the dead skin leaving as you bathe.....and it leaves your skin tingling and sooooooooo smooth and ready for the souffle. It actually feels as if your skin is drinking it. I LOVE that once you get on a daily routine you can actually forget to moisturize and you WILL NOT GET ASHY!! And oh did I forget the SMELL.....YUMMMIIIIEEEEE.....like my boyfriend says. :))...He actually waits up for me to cuddle because of the softness and he is an expert because he has been with me on my hunt for the right moisturizer ride. I must tell you...WARNING WARNING.....Be prepared to become ADDICTED.....and can someone tell me why Carol doesn't put a timed alarm lock..not clock on that souffle jar so that my crazy self won't "sugar"(thats what it should be called:))salt scrub EVERYDAY????......Help....somebody stop me.....Thanks Carol and Staff .....God Bless You All......You all are a gift..........!!!!
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Jacqui Polk
Waterloo, IA
I Fell in Love with Almond Cookie
I love this smell and the way it left my skin. When I wear it people always ask me what I have on!!!
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Better than I expected
Me and my husband were so excited when the box came full of almond cookie goodies. the first thing we used was the almond cookie salt scrub and our skin felt so soft and nurished from carols daughters products. i was afraid to purchase cause i never smelled the scent nor knew anyone who have purchased it before, but me and my husband are now almond cookie fans!!!! if you never ordered this gift set, please do because the product smells great, softens rough feet, knees, and elbows, and also moisturizes without the sticky icky feel some other products come witih. God bless CD!!!!
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I absolutely love these products. I am in love with Carol's Daughter products. I am on the website everyday and constantly checking my emails for great deals. This has been a well kept secret in the south. We need a store in the West TN area.
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D Mason
You saved my relationship!!
Lisa, you have saved my relationship! We were supposed to get married soon next year, but instead we broke up, moved out & started to date ALL OVER again...I purchased the Almond Cookie Spa set as a gift to me after reading a review from a women who had been married over 50 years. She stated that her husband loves the scent and can't keep his hands off her! Without know what this smelled like, I splurged with the hopes that this scent will make me feel attractive again (after 4 kids!). WOW! The body scrub is divine- it leaves your skin soo clean and refreshed. I did a few spa treatments alone, then I decided to ask my fiance' if he wanted a spa treatment-he said yes! The scent isn't just for women- the product crosses gender lines effortlessly. I recently purchased the Esctasy body wash just to see what it smelled like & now I am order the Esctasy Spa set because he planned this Saturday's "date" around the set! I'm too excited and I THANK YOU, WE thank you for saving our relationship with products not gender specific and secretly intimate. Peace & Blessings ALWAYS
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I love the Almond Cookie spa, it was the best valentines day gift ever.
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