• Having been a mother for the past 22 years, I now find myself reflecting on the day I first became one. There is no other job, role or responsibility like that of parent. One day you are not, and the next day you are. There is no training, no prep, no graduation…it is literally sink or swim. And there are many of us out here doing the butterfly stroke, like it’s nothing — because that is how we roll as moms.

  • Naturally curly girl Notorious KIA loves to travel! But with the wonder of travel comes hair damage, thanks to the beaming sun, chlorine-filled pools and everything else we do to our hair during our action-packed vacations. Watch how easy it is to moisturize, strengthen, style and shine with this one amazing new collection!

  • We have the secret recipe behind the most luscious body bars, made with all natural ingredients your skin will love. Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price spills the beans (coffee and adzuki beans, that is…) to these beautiful easy-to-make body moisturizers.
  • Turn your unwanted vase into something so fab—your roses will envy it. In 5 easy steps, you can effortlessly accent any room or office with this golden accent.