Hair Care Tips

  • Why Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Natural Hair Is a Must

    Sulfate-free shampoo is more than just a buzzy hair cleansing category. Switching to these gentler natural hair products can help improve the health of your curls without compromising the ability to remove excess oil and product build up.
  • Save Your Strands: How To Repair Heat Damaged Hair

    Loving your natural curls doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up once in a while and straighten your hair. With proper heat protection, tools, and products, it’s easy to change up your hair without much damage. However, when straightening your hair goes wrong, you can be left with heat damage and lackluster curls. And the same is true of using a blow-dryer or other hot tools.
  • How To Care For Fine Curly Hair: Your 4-Step Routine

    Every curly girl’s hair is different, and that means your routine should be too. Curly hair routines aren’t one-size-fits-all, in fact, they can vary even for those with the same hair pattern and type. You may have similar curls and coils and need to use completely different products altogether. For instance, fine hair should be cared for differently than coarse hair.
  • How To Repair Bleach-Damaged Curls

    Summer is here, and with the arrival of a new season, you might have a new hue in mind. Maybe you’ve been admiring red and have decided to try out the bold shade, or you want to test out the theory and see if blondes really have more fun. While they’re both good looks, there is one (big) potential downside to a bold new hair color. The process of dyeing your hair, in general, can leave it in need of repair. And if you need to bleach your hair to get your desired hue, the bleaching process and constant upkeep may leave you with damaged curls.