Hair Care Tips

  • Patricia needs to revive her wavy hair extensions, so she chooses our Black Vanilla Collection to add moisture and shine. Since her Brazilian Body Waves have gotten dull and lifeless, she co-washes her hair with our Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Conditioner. Then she deep conditions it under a shower cap for 10 minutes for instant softness.
  • This flirty, fun look is one of our favorite curly hairstyles! Whenever we’re in the mood to rock Bantu knots, we reach for some essentials to make sure our curly hair is nourished and healthy. It only takes a few quality products to boost shine and make hair so much easier to manage (especially for us Type 3 girls).
  • Want to create some drama? Be bold with one of our favorite braid hairstyles, and achieve perfectly smooth cornrows thanks to a genius blow dry cream and fabulous product to tame frizzy hair. This hairstyle works beautifully on natural hair or with crochet hair, so go ahead and give it a try!
  • There are a few different reasons why your scalp may be feeling overly dry and itchy. It can stem from dietary deficiencies: depriving your body of enough water and/or essential nutrients found in healthier foods. Maybe from cleansing too often, using products that are too heavy for your particular hair type or being heavy handed while applying them. Even your stress levels and climate changes are important factors. Regardless of the trouble source, the biggest mistake most naturals make is assuming a dry scalp can only be cured by applying more product for moisture. Reality is, your body has it’s own natural oils that do a great job of coating your scalp, as needed. Our job is to eat the right things and apply the right products that won’t interfere with our body’s natural function. Here are 3 all-natural remedies that will change your hair life...