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  • Video: Monoi Anti-Breakage Spray: How It Works On Color-Treated Hair


    Two women with two totally different hair types both love how our new Monoi Repairing Anti-Breakage Spray - because it stops the number 1 cause of hair breakage! Hair breaks most when wet, so stop snapping and start growing with this leave-in deep conditioning treatment. No matter if you hair is curly with color or straight with color, our Monoi Anti-Breakage Spray shines, conditions and makes detangling - even on the most brittle, dry tangled hair - super-easy. Strengthen and instantly see less hair breakage with this hair breakage treatment.

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    Advice for natural hair
    Natural hair care
    Stop hair breakage
    Protect hair when wet
    Healthier hair
    Monoi Anti-Breakage Spray