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  • Video: How-To Perfect Your Curls Long Past Day 3


    Summer's curls are defined, bouncy, moisturized, frizz-free and beautiful—and she wants them to stay that way, without re-washing them every day. She refreshes her curls every morning with our new Hair Milk Refresher Spray and pineapples her natural curly hair at night to help keep her curls defined and perfect. Summer also loves our Refresher Spray because it's packed with good ingredients like almond oil and agave nectar and doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff for curls like alcohol, mineral oil, parabens, etc. Plus, the Hair Milk Refresher Spray gets rid of all the "bad frizz" that Summer can’t stand. By Day 4, Summer wakes up to frizzy, uncontrollable curls, but after just a few sprays, her curls are simply perfect once again.

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