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  • Video: How To Moisturize Extremely Dry Hair Using Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Collection


    Naturally curly girl Meechy Monroe reviews three amazing hair care products from our Black Vanilla Moisturizing collection : the Sulfate-Free Moisturizing Shampoo, Hair Smoothie and Leave-In Conditioner . She tested it on her hair when it was extremely dry and dirty from product build-up. But after using the sulfate free shampoo and deep conditioning hair smoothie, she instantly saw a difference—her hair was extremely soft and shiny. Although this line works wonders on all hair types, she thinks they’re the best products for natural hair. She then finishes her natural hairstyle with the Black Vanilla leave in conditioner! She can’t stop raving about how easy her hair is to manage after a simple wash and go. This moisturizing collection is full of good for you ingredients like shea butter, almond oil and other amazing moisturizers. Try it for yourself today!

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