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July 6 2015, 8:11AM CST

Sunglasses for Every Face Shape!

In the market for a new pair of shades? Before you buy your next pair, check out this guide to finding a set for your face shape. Danielle Gray of Style and Beauty Doctor recommends summertime sunglasses.  MORE

July 3 2015, 11:13AM CST

Top 3 Places To Celebrate America's Birthday!

It’s Fourth of July weekend! A time to celebrate America’s Independence. Here are the Top 3 places to see some of the best Fireworks in America! Hope you have a beautiful celebration!  MORE

July 1 2015, 8:48AM CST

3 Twist-Out Methods - 3 Different Results

It’s not uncommon to use the exact same products and methods to create a style and get different results every time you do it. This is just one of the fun and unpredictable things to get used to with natural hair.  MORE

June 29 2015, 9:51AM CST

5 Ways To Turn Leftovers Into Top Chef–Worthy Meals

If you’re anything like me, sometimes a busy schedule or even forgetfulness can leave a lot of random food just sitting in your fridge. I like to call them odds and ends foods; they are all edible but don’t seem to make much sense together when it comes time to eat.  MORE

June 24 2015, 8:40AM CST

Upgrade Your Summer Body

In line with the telling saying: “you can’t do the same thing and expect the same results,” here are five things that may help quick those last few pounds and get you into that onesie like Beyoncé in no time.  MORE

June 22 2015, 2:45PM CST

A Travelista's Guide To World-Class Haircare!

Everything you need to keep your hair beautifully fly when traveling!  MORE

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