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September 2 2015, 8:37AM CST

Dream Big & Be Who You Were #BornAndMade To Be!

Years ago I would never have described myself as a dreamer. I grew up thinking that a dreamer was passive and dreamers don't "do." So, while I loved to dream, I didn't brag about it because the perception was, "Get your head out of the clouds and get to work." Now, after years and years of watching dreams unfold and "come true," I learned that your dreams show you what you didn't think was possible...  MORE

August 31 2015, 10:56AM CST


Who were your born and made to be? Join the movement at bornandmade.com!  MORE

August 25 2015, 9:23AM CST

4 Ways To Boost Your Energy

Do you ever find yourself feeling more tired than usual? Perhaps the culprit is right under your nose and you just haven’t recognized it yet.  MORE

August 18 2015, 8:25AM CST

5 Anti-Aging Tips for Natural Hair

Not only does your skin reveal your age, but your hair does too! We are all well aware of many healthy hair practices and probably employed one or two routinely. But there are a few more that should be a part of our weekly routine to ensure we put our best [head of hair] forward.  MORE

August 17 2015, 9:29AM CST

How To Deal With Back-To-School Stress

With so many of us continuing our educational pursuits while balancing marriage, motherhood and a mountain of other activities, high-stakes learning and performance situations can put a counterproductive stress on us. Here are 5 tips that will keep you stress-free and at the head of the class:  MORE

August 14 2015, 11:21AM CST

Five Healthy Foods for Persnickety Toddlers

(or just do your best to keep the trolls from being malnourished)...  MORE

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