We have the secret recipe behind the most luscious body bars, made with all natural ingredients your skin will love. Carol’s Daughter Founder Lisa Price spills the beans (coffee and adzuki beans, that is…) to these beautiful easy-to-make body moisturizers.

Say goodbye to dry skin with these easy to do yourself Body Butter Bars!

These homemade natural moisture bars will have your skin feeling as silky soft. Now you can butter up with any type of bar you want—your way!

You can make them scented or unscented. You can specially design them to be massage bars (just add coffee, adzuki beans and a few drops of essential oils), scrub bars (just add rose petals, sea salt a drops of rose oil); or make Lisa's favorite Vanilla bars (just add vanilla bean and vanilla oil).

The choice is yours! Now watch and give your body some butter love….

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