4B Hair Type

4B Hair Type

4B Hair Type

Your curls resemble a zig-zag pattern, which can make your 4B hair prone to dryness, tangles, and even occasional breakage. Keeping them hydrated and free of tangles can allow your 4B curls to flourish.

Curl Beauty Profile

Natasha 4B Hair Type - 4b

Meet Natasha


Natasha is a Jamaican fashion and beauty blogger with a passion for photography. Sharing her life and her individual expression is Natasha’s way to inspire and motivate others. Her go-to styling product is the Coco Crème Coil Defining Butter. to make sure her coily curls are always looking their best.

Her All-Time Favorites

Her Routine

SundayOn wash day, I make sure to treat my hair to all the moisture it needs, so I’ll cleanse and condition with Coco Crème shampoo and conditioner. I part my hair in four workable sections to really get rid of build-up and help detangle. I work shampoo and then conditioner into the four sections consecutively. I’ll style my hair in a wash and go using the Coco Crème Coil Defining Butter. At night, I put my hair in a satin bonnet to protect my definition.

MondayAlthough I protect my hair while I sleep, it tends to get flat overnight. To bring it back to life, I’ll simply fluff out my roots with my hands and I’m ready for my day.

TuesdayOne of my ultimate favorite styles is the half-up/half-down look. I’ll smooth out the top section by brushing through Hair Milk Original Leave-In and secure it with a hair tie.

WednesdayTo freshen up my curls midweek, I dampen my hair with the Hair Milk Refresher Spray. Then I follow by parting my hair in sections and smooth in the Coco Crème Coil Defining Butter. My hair is a little on the dry side so I’m going to seal that in with the Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Pure Hair Oil.

ThursdayToday I know I’ll be shooting some looks, so I remove my satin bonnet, spray my curls with some water, and fluff it out with my hands. Miami tends to be super-hot and humid so I secure my edges with Black Vanilla Edge Control. On my way out the door, I toss Hair Milk Refresher Spray in my bag to maintain my curls throughout the day.

Friday To get through the hottest Miami days I wear my hair in an up-do. Today, I’m putting my hair up in a neat pineapple by smoothing my curls upward and gathering them with a hair tie. Next, I’ll tease my curls out a little bit and lay my edges in place with Black Vanilla Edge Control

SaturdayTonight, I’m checking out some new spots in Wynwood. To get my hair right I refresh my curls with the Hair Milk Refresher Spray and smooth out one side of my hair using the Black Vanilla Edge Control and a bristled brush. I’ll follow by securing it with some cute gold bobby pins. This style makes the perfect quick and easy date night look.

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