3C Hair Type

3C Hair Type

3C Hair Type

Your tight, corkscrew-like ringlets are densely packed and have the most volume within the type 3s. Your curls are prone to dryness and tangles, which means they thrive when moisturized.

Curl Beauty Profile

Meriah 3C Hair Type - 3c

Meet Meriah


Meriah’s world is all about beauty and travel. She’s a native Trinidadian, a true haircare enthusiast and has tried just about every product out there. She still loves the Black Vanilla collection – a cult favorite that helps moisturize and define her brilliant curls.

Her All-Time Favorites

Her Routine

SundaySunday is when I do my full wash routine. I cleanse with the Black Vanilla Sulfate-Free Shampoo and condition with the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie. Sitting under the dryer with a shower cap for 10 minutes with the Smoothie in my hair makes for the perfect deep conditioning treatment. I end my routine by styling my hair in a wash and go, making sure I spray the Black Vanilla Leave-In before applying any curl cream or butter.

MondayTo refresh my wash and go, I simply spritz some water onto my hair using a spray bottle (a curly girl essential) and fluff it out with my hands.

TuesdayOne of my easy, go-to styles is the classic half up half down. For this look, all I need is water, a hair tie, edge control, and a brush. I spray some water all over my hair, apply Black Vanilla Edge Control and section off the top half, brush it out for a sleek look, and secure it with the hair tie.

WednesdayBy day 4 of my wash and go, my hair starts to feel a little dry. I typically reach for the Hair Milk Refresher Spray. It’s packed with a ton of nourishing ingredients like sweet almond oil and agave nectar that my hair craves. Just a few sprays gives my hair life!

ThursdayToday, I went for a protective style. First, I use the Black Vanilla 4-In-1 Combing Creme to moisturize and easily detangle my hair. Next, I braid my hair in 2 cornrows using some more of the combing Crème and my trusty Black Vanilla Edge Control. Now that my edges are laid, I can take on my day.

FridayTonight, I’m headed out with a few friends and I’ve decided to do a sleek, low ponytail look. To smooth out my hair, I’ll use the Black Vanilla Edge Control and to add shine, I’ll apply some of the Mimosa Hair Honey mostly at my ends.

SaturdayMy Saturdays are mostly spent relaxing and recharging. Today, that means a pool day, which means chlorine. To protect my hair from harsh waters, I work the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie into my hair and put it up in a bun.

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