3B Hair Type

3B Hair Type

3B Hair Type

Your curls are springy with lots of volume. 3B curls can range from ringlets to corkscrews and need hydration to keep their definition.

Curl Beauty Profile

Arianna 3B Hair Type - 3b

Meet Arianna


Arianna is a Texas gal living in LA with big dreams. She’s currently pursuing acting, singing and digital content creation. Her curls love nourishing ingredients so it’s no surprise that her favorite collection is Coco Crème.

Her All-Time Favorites

Her Routine

SundayMy Sundays are all about routines and prepping for my week. My curls get the FULL treatment today. For a moisturizing cleanse, I use Coco Creme Shampoo and follow with the deeply conditioning Coco Crème Hair Mask. I’ll keep the mask in for an hour or two while I’m doing things around the house. Once I rinse out the mask, my curls are super soft and moisturized.

MondayToday I’m running some errands but before I head out the door, I use the Hair Milk Refresher Spray to add a little OOMPH to my curls. It has ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil and Agave that leave my hair soft, hydrated and full of volume.

TuesdayMy easy go-to look is a sleek ponytail. First, I work some Monoi Oil throughout my hair to make sure it’s moisturized and manageable and give myself a small part in the middle. Next, I add in some Praxaci Nectar Gel and brush my hair to get the sleek look. To finish off, I secure all of my hair toward the bottom of my head with a hair tie.

WednesdayThe dry air in L.A. makes my hair dry and frizzy so I like to co-wash midweek with Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner. It leaves my hair clean but also gives my curls luscious hydration. To style my wash and go, I apply a generous amount of Hair Milk Original Leave-In.

ThursdayI love sleeping with satin pillowcases. They help preserve my curls throughout the night and reduce the amount of styling time I spend in the morning. Once I’m up I simply fluff my curls, add some Hair Milk Refresher Spray and I’m out the door.

FridayTo style my hair in a half-up-half-down look, I use the Black Vanilla Edge Control to smooth out my edges and lay my baby hairs.

SaturdayTonight, I’m headed to dinner and a concert with some friends. For an edgy look, I go for a side twist. I part the left side of my hair right above my ear into three small sections. I take one piece at a time and twist the hair back until I can secure them with bobby pins. I then fluff out the rest of my hair and I’m ready for the night.

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