3A Hair Type

3A Hair Type

3A Hair Type

Your large, loose curls have a very defined “S” shape. 3As biggest issue is battling frizz and maintaining shine.

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Erica 3A Hair Type - 3a

Meet Erica


Erica Fae is a beauty and lifestyle blogger but a true creative at heart. She’s lived all around the world and spent quite some time in Germany. Currently, she’s back in the US and calls the DMV home. She spends her days trying out all the latest products and her nights in the studio with her boyfriend Andre. Follow Erica Fae on her day to day natural curl journey.

Her All-Time Favorites

Her Routine

SundayOn Sundays, I prep my hair for the week ahead with Black Vanilla and Almond Milk. I cleanse with the Black Vanilla Sulfate-Free Shampoo and follow by deep conditioning with the Almond Milk Ultra-Nourishing Hair Mask. While I deep condition, I like to do things around the house and even put on a facemask like a multitasking queen that I am. After about 30 minutes, I rinse out the mask then, style my hair in a wash, and go using the Black Vanilla Leave- In Conditioner.

MondayBefore heading out the door for a meeting, I revive my curls by spraying water and applying some of the Hair Milk Curl Butter for definition. I apply the product from my ends to my roots, focusing mostly on my ends and using the scrunch method to help form defined curls.

TuesdayToday I want to rock a sleek high bun. I always make sure to spray my hair with some water to make styling easier and apply the Hair Milk Original Leave-In all over. To achieve the sleek look, I use the Pracaxi Nectar Frizz Tamer and a brush to smooth and lay down my edges. Lastly, I tie and secure my bun with a hair tie and bobby pins.

WednesdayMy mornings can be hectic, so I have my go-to easy 5-minute style. I spray my hair with some water to revive my curls and follow by adding some shine using the Black Vanilla Pure Hair Oil. I finish off by parting the top section of my hair from ear to ear and putting it up in a big fluffy bun. I head to Soul Cycle for much-needed workout sesh.

ThursdayAfter my intense workout last night, my curls need a mid-week wash. I shampoo, condition and detangle my curls with Black Vanilla Shampoo and Monoi Repairing Mask. I use a microfiber towel to gently dry my hair and work Monoi Oil Strengthening Serum through my curls starting at the ends and into the roots. Since tonight is date night, I’m going for a blowout. I first part my hair into eight sections and work through each with a rounded brush on a medium heat setting. Once I’m all dry I add some more Monoi Oil to lock in moisture and prevent frizz.

FridayI keep my blowout fresh overnight by sleeping with it in a loose high bun. Once I’m up, I take my hair down, brush it out and add some more Monoi Oil to the ends.

SaturdaySaturdays are mostly spent running errands, but this week I’m also headed to brunch with some friends. I can throw my hair in a high bun, apply some Pracaxi Nectar Frizz Tamer and brush my edges if needed.

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