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  • Video: Blowout on Natural Hair (My SUPER Shrinkage Revealed)!


    Beautiful Brown Baby Doll is back with her thick, curly natural hair. With all the rumors out there that she cut her hair, she reveals that her hair is not cut, just shrunken, which oftentimes makes great styles - like puffs! Although she likes to wear shrunken hairstyles, she shows you how to unleash longer hair that’s stronger and protected from heat damage. She starts her hair ritual with our Tui Moisturizing Sulfate Free Shampoo , then conditions and detangles it with our Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner . Next she seals in moisture with Lisa’s Hair Elixir and adds more moisture to her curls with our Hair Milk Original Leave-In Moisturizer . Now she’s ready for her main focus - blowing out her shrunken curls. She uses the must-haves for the heat-styling: Our Macadamia Heat Styling Hairspray and Macadamia Heat Setting Foam. These products made her thick natural hair easier to dry and manage, plus it made her hair stronger, shinier and softer - without any gunky buildup. You too can have thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair with these perfect products for natural hair.

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    Heat styling products
    Stronger hair
    Longer hair
    Healthier hair
    Less hair breakage