Hello, to you all. We, at Carol’s Daughter hope that you and your families are well, safe and together, even in social distancing.
Thankfully, with technology we are able to maintain connections and conversations with loved ones. Many of us are now working from home and our children are going to school at home, and we don’t have any idea when this new normal will end.

I want you to know that we are here for you. As we ensure our staff and our staff’s families are safe and secure, we will be gathering (virtually, of course) to brainstorm new ways to stay connected with you in these days of social distancing.

While the special events and appearances once planned for the brand have to be put on hold, know that those stores, still open, upon whose shelves we sit, will have our items in stock for when you do venture out for essential items. We are also able to keep our carolsdaughter.com site up and our retailer online stores up and running, ensuring no urgency for you to leave home.

How are you managing social distancing?

I have been on self quarantine for over a week now. Thirteen days ago I came into contact with someone who tested positive after our encounter. A person who was not exhibiting any symptoms whatsoever. I have not gotten sick and I have been following doctor’s orders and keeping my distance from those I love.

I am a homebody. I love being home, cooking and crafting and baking. And, I built my brand at home and am very familiar with a work-at-home mentality. But, this is very different. There is an indefinite ness to it and a scariness of the unknown. So, let’s talk. Let me know how you are doing and how you are coping. We want to share stories with each other so that we know we are not alone.

Let’s talk ... together.

While we are figuring out our new normal and managing working from home, school at home, household bandwidth, etc., try to find your silver lining in the cloud.

For me it is health. I am looking at this time as a lesson to remember to take care of Lisa, first. If I don’t, then Lisa won’t be able to take care of anyone else.

So, let’s begin to share our stories of care and self-care, the good and the not so good of this very challenging time. We will learn from all of it. And through our adversity, perseverance and community, we will come through stronger. I know it and I look forward to hearing from you. #LoveGrowsHere.

Stay safe.

Wash your hands.

Keep your distance.


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