by Lisa Price
March 18, 2017 my first born became a man, legally. He is 21. I wondered what did that mean for me. Is there a certificate of completion for the mother? Something to acknowledge raising him from an egg to a man. There were no do-overs. So, if I screwed up here and there I have to pray I did not scar him permanently.

Number two son is coming up right behind him, turning 20 this year and Baby Girl will be 11 and entering Middle School. Heaven help me.

My eldest is in a relationship. He has a very steady girlfriend, and I like her. A lot. She is good for him and I think he is for her as well. I feel blessed that I like her. It is odd to look at him at 21 and to think it is likely he is with his future wife. That is how Price men are; when they know, they know and they stick. I should know, I am married to one.

At the 21-year mark of motherhood I see myself missing my babies. Not that I want another one. That would be a very loud "NO!" but, I miss the ability I once had to shield and protect my children from pretty much anything and everything. I can't do that anymore, and I don't like it.

Forrest, the eldest, is driving, loving his woman, he has a dog and will probably not be home much longer. Ennis, my middle child, left for college in January, and I miss him so. He has to manage his time, get his meals, go to school, and all I do is pay for it. I am not really there like I used to be. It is his turn to learn to manage his life. And then there is Becca. She still needs me for sure, but she is less dependent. Less of a baby, and just a couple weeks ago she had a bad stomach ache and I was terrified that she was about to get her period. I almost cried at the realization that even my baby is going to grow up. She was my safety but that is almost over.

As I look at Mother's Day this year I am proud of my children and the job I have done, of course not alone. Their father and I are a team effort in this parenting game and we love those babies fiercely. It has been nearly two months since Forrest turned 21 and I am guessing that certificate isn't coming. I will have to be satisfied with the fact that they still love me, they hug me, talk to me and like to be around me as my indication that I do the job of mothering well.

Happy Mother's Day.

"I am Lisa Price. Born in Brooklyn. Made with Love. I am Carol's Daughter."



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