How To Style 4c Hair: Twist Out On Flat Ironed Natural Hair Dec 21, 2016

by Angela Watford
Our Sacred Tiare Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz Collection gives Chary-Jay the best Flat-Ironed, Twist-Out set ever! Her beautiful, thick, natural 4c hair is frizzless, flawless and free of breakage, even after blow-drying and using a flat iron.

After deep-conditioning with the Sacred Tiare Hair Mask, her hair was super-soft! Then she used the Blow Dry Cream Cream for protection before adding heat to straighten. The Leave-In Conditioner was sprayed throughout this beauty regimen for easy detangling and to keep hair soft and moistened. After twisting, rod-setting and pulling out the twists, she simply finished each wave with the Sacred Tiare Smoothing Serum.

There's definitely something sacred about this full collection! Try it for yourself...