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Natural Hairstyles

Find out which natural hairstyle best suits your hair and which Carol's Daughter products to use to achieve it.

Your Ultimate Guide To The Butterfly Locs Hairstyle

Protective styles have their ebbs and flows of popularity, bringing different twists, braids, and locs to the forefront of natural hair care trends. We all remember when microbraids had their time in the spotlight, and then the famed kinky twists took over. Now, there’s a new style trending for those with natural hair: butterfly locs. These dreamy butterfly hair strands are also known as distressed locs and have a neat and stylish (yet carefree) look. Here’s everything you need to know about them.
21 Apr 2021

15 4C Hairstyles To Try In 2022

How often do you find yourself in front of the mirror with no idea what to do with your hair? It happens more than we’d like to admit. Styling your hair can be complicated whether you’re a beauty guru or a novice. Maybe you want to switch it up and try something new but have no idea where to start, or maybe you want to try something you’ve seen and aren’t sure if it will work for your hair type.
24 Nov 2021
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