Quick & Easy Halloween Hairstyles For Natural Hair Oct 12, 2018
By Angela Watford

For any mane event we have the TRICKS and TREATS needed to achieve these spellbound natural hair styles!

GRACE JONES’s Iconic short hairstyle

Trick: To get this famous flat-top look, you have to give your hair plenty of shape by brushing your hair upwards, creating its beautifully unique shape.

Treats: Use Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray to amp up the volume in your natural texture while adding in shine. Make sure to hold this style with grace using our Hair Milk Styling Pudding, it will keep the ‘80s ‘fro upright all night.

Add finishing touches with exaggerated brows, bright eye shadows and a bold lip. Throw on a fierce Jacket or anything with shoulder pads, and you’re ready to slay just like the enchantress herself!

A UNICORN’s mythical hairstyle for long hair

Trick: The magic of having long hair is being able to slick it or pin it to get any look. Use your power to get this mythical look.

Treats: Use Carol’s Daughter Pracaxi Nectar styling collection to condition your hair as you lock in your style. Twist and pin your natural hair to center of your head as though you’re creating a mohawk. Work the large twist all the way up, pinning hair to front of the forehead to replicate the legendary creature’s spiral horn.

Add the finishing touches with your favorite Dark & Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays. Create your own look with Face & Body Glitter and a bold cat’s eye.

Own Halloween this year with Carol’s Daughter hair treats!