Hair Care Tips

  • Lisa's List: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide From Our Founder

    The holidays are fast approaching which means that you may have already started compiling your shopping list of the best holiday gifts for 2021—even if only mentally. Gift-giving is a tried-and-true love language and one of the best ways to show your family and friends that you know exactly what they need and want. The act of giving, particularly in the form of hair styling gifts and natural hair gifts, is an expression of love that’s sure to put a smile on the faces of family and friends.
  • How To Care For Graying Curls

    Gray curly hair is like a badge of honor, and your journey to going naturally gray can be a beautiful thing. After spending more than a year without frequent trips to the hair salon, more people are embracing their naturally graying hair than ever before. As much as we love embracing natural hair care, however, your newly gray curls will require a bit of a lifestyle change for your hair. A head of gray curly hair comes with its own unique concerns and needs.
  • Your Complete Guide To Curly Red Hair

    While blonde and brunette hair colors typically get all of the attention, this year, red is one of the most coveted colors around. Available in shades of vibrant crimsons, natural curly red hair, deep auburns, and sunkissed red—there is a red hair color perfect for everyone.
  • Hair Oil For Coily & Natural Hair Growth

    It’s no secret that curly hair tends to be the driest of all hair textures. The dryness is a result of the way curls are shaped. The natural oils produced by your scalp have a difficult time traveling down the twist and turns that make up your ringlets. So while you may have an oily scalp, as you get closer to your ends, hair can look and feel dry. Even if you have a carefully curated lineup of natural hair care, replenishing nutrients with the best hair oil for your curl type is essential to both growth and overall health.