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Discover the best haircare tips for natural and curly hair from Carol's Daughter's beauty blog. Check out our recipes for a beautiful life.

Your Guide To Shingling: The Latest Curly Hair Technique

Of the many curly hair techniques that result in smooth, frizz-free, defined, and, most importantly, hydrated curls, shingling hair is one of the easiest and most definition-inducing techniques to master. The method, which involves separating and smoothing very small pieces of hair at a time, requires some patience. However, the hardest part of the process is gathering up the right lineup of curly hair products to shingle for your specific hair type.

Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Poo For Natural Curls

A regular hair care routine may be your tried and true staple for showering your strands with TLC, but that’s not your only option. With one quick peruse of popular hair trends, you’ll find plenty of choices that are worthy of a spot in your hair care routine, like a pre-poo treatment (a.k.a. pre-shampoo product).

How To Protect Your Hair From Damage This Summer

Your hair can be such a beautiful trait, but of course, your strands are also incredibly delicate. Practically anything can cause hair damage, including something as simple as the seasons changing. And while we all look forward to a summer of laying in the sun, taking a dip, and lounging by the pool, those three things alone can result in damaged hair come the fall—and nobody wants that.

How To Moisturize Natural Curly Hair In The Winter

By Kristin Braswell

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss humidity. Something about the summertime and oppressive heat serves as the perfect combination for curls that Wow. With the winter months now in full force, colder temperatures often cause dry hair. While winter hats and protective styles can provide temporary relief from dealing with your strands, keeping them moisturized when old man winter knocks is important. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla (moisture & shine) Collection, is a tried and true favorite for nourishing dry hair.
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