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Curly Hairstyles

Get hair care advice and hair styling tips for curly hair with videos and tutorials from Carol's Daughter. Find the right moisturizing hair products for your perfect curly hair look.

13 Chic Curly Hair Updos That Get Your Curls Out Of Your Face

As much as we love coils and waves, it can be frustrating when curls hang in your face, especially during hot summer months and while you’re at the gym. Not only can it feel uncomfortable, but when curls are in your face, it could also cause acne or irritation. While you could quickly pin your curls with a clip or push them out of the way with a headband, we’re partial to curly hair updos. There are plenty of chic curly updos and curly hairstyles that effortlessly solve this curl conundrum. Read on to learn how to keep your curls off your face. We’re sharing 13 curly hair updos, with ideas for all curl types, whether you have waves, coils, or tight curls.

How To Style Curls Under a Hat and Prevent Dreaded Hat Hair

Hats are a great accessory, especially during the cooler months. They can pull together any outfit, are super comfortable, and work as a great protective barrier against cold fronts. The one drawback they have: the frizzy and snagging aftermath, also known as, hat hair. Hat hair typically flattens or mats your hair and can create a crease or a bump in any hairstyle. It’s particularly worse for curly hair, that is known to be dry, or wearers who use oil-based products, as the products often concentrate to one section of the hat, causing the hair to further matt. The good news: although curly hat hair may seem inevitable, especially in the colder months, there are countless ways to avoid it—preventing you from ruling out your favorite hat or beanie. Ahead, discover what exactly hat hair is, how to style curls underneath a hat, chic curly hairstyles that work great with hats, and some trusted tips and tricks to prevent curly hair from becoming dreaded hat hair.

32 Easy & Chic Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

It’s easy to see why short curly hair is a timeless trend. Not only is it low maintenance, but it also offers a mix of styling options that are often easier to pull off and maintain than longer hairstyles.

Top 11 Layered Curly Hair Ideas

While perfecting your curly natural hair care routine takes time, patience, and curly hair products, the right haircut is also key. There are a couple of factors to consider when cutting your hair: Will the haircut complement your curl pattern? Layered curly hair or no hair layers? Long or short? To help you out, we’ve put together a guide sharing why layers are great for curls and a couple of inspirational curly hair ideas for those wanting to test out the look.

Your Guide to Using Perm-Rods On Natural Hair

If you’ve been a part of the natural hair community, then you know that there are plenty of ways to achieve bouncy and defined curls. While all of the tried-and-true techniques you know and love can create a gorgeous set of spirals, perm rods have proven to be a top contender.

6 Wash and Go Tips for All Curl Types

A wash and go is both the easiest and trickiest of curly hairstyles to perfect. On the one hand, it’s a fast process, but without the right curly hair products and the perfect amount of manipulation (aka not too much), you might end up with a frizz fest that’s hard to fix.
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