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crochet hair braids guide

Everything You Should Know About Crochet Braids

Long gone are the days of sitting in a braiding salon for hours on end to have a protective style installed. This reclamation of precious time and hair health is thanks to crochet braids. Chances are good you’ve heard people sing the praises of crochet braids due to its easy installation. The styling technique not only shaves off time, but also opens up a wide range of styling options for just about any hair texture and style preference. What’s even better, is that many crochet braid styles can be created on your own without ever having to leave your house. Which means, you don’t need a skilled stylist or master weaver to pull off crochet braid styles. Here’s an easy-to-follow crochet braids tutorial—plus, everything that you need to know about choosing, styling, and preserving the right look for you.
05 Oct 2021
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