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Go Back To The Roaring '20s With This Finger Waves Hairstyle

Although there are many ways to style your hair for the holidays, only a few looks can turn heads. While your go-to hairstyle may help you flaunt your mane, we think it’s time to do things a bit differently with a look that’s as elegant as it is classic for the festive season. And finger waves are the perfect ‘do.

Your Guide To Shingling: The Latest Curly Hair Technique

Of the many curly hair techniques that result in smooth, frizz-free, defined, and, most importantly, hydrated curls, shingling hair is one of the easiest and most definition-inducing techniques to master. The method, which involves separating and smoothing very small pieces of hair at a time, requires some patience. However, the hardest part of the process is gathering up the right lineup of curly hair products to shingle for your specific hair type.
Curly hairstyles for men

9 Hairstyles For Men With Curly Hair

No matter what your gender, there’s no shortage of curly hair inspiration on the Internet. But at the end of the day, curls are curls and should be treated with all the care and love they deserve.
Having the right mix of men’s curly hair products on hand is essential. It’s also a known fact among the curl community that having the right men’s curly haircut is everything. While some men may prefer easier curly hairstyles for men like t.w.a. or a simple wash and go, there are options for just about every style preference. Ahead, the best men’s curly hairstyles.

Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Poo For Natural Curls

A regular hair care routine may be your tried and true staple for showering your strands with TLC, but that’s not your only option. With one quick peruse of popular hair trends, you’ll find plenty of choices that are worthy of a spot in your hair care routine, like a pre-poo treatment (a.k.a. pre-shampoo product).
Curly hair up do ideas

13 Chic Curly Hair Updos That Get Your Curls Out Of Your Face

As much as we love coils and waves, it can be frustrating when curls hang in your face, especially during hot summer months and while you’re at the gym. Not only can it feel uncomfortable, but when curls are in your face, it could also cause acne or irritation. While you could quickly pin your curls with a clip or push them out of the way with a headband, we’re partial to curly hair updos. There are plenty of chic curly updos and curly hairstyles that effortlessly solve this curl conundrum. Read on to learn how to keep your curls off your face. We’re sharing 13 curly hair updos, with ideas for all curl types, whether you have waves, coils, or tight curls.
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