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Everyday winter hairstyles for every hair type

9 Best Winter Hairstyles for Every Hair Type

If you’re in a hair rut or the freezing temps of winter have you at a loss for what to do with your mane, you’re not alone. Everything seems a bit easier during the warm weather season, hairstyling included. But winter days, though sometimes unpleasantly cold, can include good hair days, too. Sure, there’s bitter, cold wind that makes knots and tangles a major concern and heavy winter knits like hats and scarves that make hairstyles more of a challenge, but there’s no reason you can’t sport beautiful cute winter hairstyles with your curls during the cold weather months. Keep scrolling for cute winter hairstyles that don’t disappoint and are perfect for every curl type.
25 Feb 2022

How do I know my curl type?

Discovering your hair type may take some time. The truth is, most of us have more than one curl type throughout our mane of curls. To determine which hair type is closest to your natural pattern, you’ll want to start with wet hair that’s not been manipulated. Let your hair air dry, product-free of course, and then examine your curl pattern. Although you may notice more than one curl pattern, if one pattern is more prevalent than the other, that’s your curl type.

Of course, heat styling and chemical processing can alter your natural curl pattern. If you find that the roots of your hair are different than the middle to ends of your hair, chances are your new growth is how your natural curls would actually be.

Winter Hairstyles for Type 2 Hair

Type 2 hair includes 2A, 2B and 2C. This type of hair is wavy and has a s-shaped bend to each wave and may or may not be straight at the root.

Messy Top Knot

You can never go wrong with a top knot. It’s simple, fast and, well, fashion-forward, too. You can place it high or low and make it as loose or sleek as you want.

Dutch Braids

For an updo that’s not really an updo, try two Dutch braids. It has sporty vibes and keeps your hair completely out of your face. Not to mention, it’s the perfect style for fun accessories like headbands, barrettes and hats.

Low Pigtails

If you love winter accessories like pom-pom hats or thick, woven ear warmers, this style is great for your waves. It makes sporting heavy winter accessories look cute while showing your hairstyle, too. To avoid static and flyaways, slick ponytails down with Pracaxi Nectar Style and Hold Foam that keeps hairs in place without making them stiff or hard.

Winter Hairstyles for 3c Hair Types

Type 3 curls range from large, loose curls to corkscrew type ringlets. This type can have fine to medium or coarse hair.

Crown Braid

This all-over braid looks posh, feminine and quite intricate if done right. With curly hair, it’s best to keep the wispiness to a minimum to avoid the bedhead-but-I-didn’t-mean-to type of look. To keep flyaways and curls in place, try the Wash Day Delight Del to Foam Styler. It has a natural-looking hold and dries almost instantly. Plus, the rose water and glycerin make it easy to glide all over the hair for even distribution. Consider applying one of two pumps before you braid and then an additional pump to smooth out imperfections at the end.

Bubble Braid

Bubble braids aren’t just for super long extensions. Yes, you can do a bubble braid on short-to-medium hair types, too. Simply gather your hair in a high pony (or two) and every few inches, add a clear or black elastic. Once all of the elastics are in place, lightly tug on the hair in between each elastic to create a bubble.

Flat Twists

This protective style keeps hairs out of your face and tied up for low maintenance, but also gives you gorgeous waves and curls when you’re ready to take it out. To keep your flat twists moisturized in the cold, winter months, apply a dime-size amount of the Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Pure Hair Oil to your twists every night before bed and secure with a satin bonnet or scarf. It’s also the perfect hairstyle for short curly hair.

Winter Hairstyles for 4c Hair Types

Type 4 curls are dense and range from visible coils to zig-zags.


This popular style makes it look like you spent hours styling your mane, even though you finished it in 10 minutes. You can use a long banana-shaped clip to secure all of your hair or you can create mini ponytails near the crown of the head. Reach for the Coco Creme Curl Shaping Cream Gel to keep the edges smooth and slicked back so the mohawk is the star of the show.

The Pineapple

This tried-and-true staple was made with type 4 coils in mind. The best part about this updo is you can sport it practically anywhere you go and it works for most hair lengths. Wear it at the gym while you break a sweat, then strut to the office for a few hours of work and finish the day out to dinner with the girls and you’ve worn one hairstyle that fits the bill for every occasion. Collect all of your curls at the crown of your head or if you have medium to long hair, flip your head forward to gather your curls. Secure all of your curls with a hair elastic and position individual curls as you wish.

Bantu Knots

For a protective style that doesn’t disappoint, try these mini knots or buns in your hair. You can customize the style based on your desired look and they’re pretty low maintenance to keep up. To secure your knots, stick to pins that won’t irritate your scalp or rubber elastics that are gentle on the hair.

For even more hairstyle inspo, check out 13 Chic Curly Hair Updos That Get Your Curls Out of Your Face.

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