Natural Hairstyles on Vacation: How to Repair Your Hair Inside Out

Naturally curly girl Notorious KIA loves to travel! But with the wonder of travel comes hair damage, thanks to the beaming sun, chlorine-filled pools and everything else we do to our hair during our action-packed vacations. Watch how easy it is to moisturize, strengthen, style and shine with this one amazing new collection!

That’s why Carol’s Daughter’s Almond Milk Daily Damage Repair hair collection is her must-have travel companion! It gives all hair types the dose of repair it needs to stay healthy every day—no matter if you swim daily, heat style daily or jump off a cliff into the ocean…daily.

Almond Milk is packed with natural ingredients like Almond Oil, Aloe Butter and Shea Oil. It reverses damage, deeply nourishes and protects hair against future damage. Plus it leaves behind a soft, fresh scent that’s perfect for any vacation!

While on vacation, give your hair a dose of repair for those daily aggressors by using Almond Milk!



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