How To Determine Your Natural Hair Curl Pattern

Are you considering TRANSITIONING from your relaxed tresses to natural tresses? Perhaps you want to go directly for THE BIG CHOP? Many girls are contemplating one or both of these methods to truly transform into a curly girl. While you might decide to go directly for The Big Chop, (the easier and faster method), you definitely want to know what your natural curl pattern looks like, before you cut off all your hair.

Many girls received a relaxer at a very tender, young age, so you might not remember what your natural curly hair looks like. If so, you won’t see your true texture until you have about (2”) two inches of new growth. Also, the true texture of your natural curls won’t appear until 7 months to two years of natural hair growth. So, don’t be alarmed when you see the first curls! Your hair will grow in softer, smoother and less dry as the true texture emerges and you practice a healthy hair regimen with Carol’s Daughter.

I’ve created a very simple guide to help you determine your natural curl pattern with recommended Carol’s Daughter products. The guide groups the curly patterns into easy names: WAVES, CURLS, COILS & COMBINATION CURLS. Then, I describes each group into the individual curly patterns: Slight Waves, Loose Waves, Wavy, Curly, Very Curly, Coily, Very Coily, Tight Coils, and Combination Curls (Curly / Very Curly) or (Very Curly / Coily).

To determine your true texture, know that Slight Waves, Loose Waves, Wavy and Curly hair tend to grow down from the scalp. While, Very Curly, Coily, Very Coily and Tight Coils grow up or out and away from the scalp. Once you’ve grown out your natural hair to the desired length, take a hand mirror and look at the new growth. Then, look at the guide below to determine the TEXTURE–– The look and feel of the curl. Now, you can pick your curly pattern or at LEAST, the closest curl pattern to your Wavy, Curly or Coily textures.

Group I - WAVES
Waves consist of three curl patterns: Slight Waves, Loose Waves and Deep Waves. These curl patterns look like hair that is straight with a little wave to s-shaped curls that are large and uniformed to very deep waves. Waves feel smooth and silky to the touch and have minimal frizz, body and volume. Slight waves tend to be oily. However, all waves have little stretching action and the strands can be thin, medium or thick.

The recommended Carol's Daughter Hair Care for Wavy Patterns are:
Weekly Care: Black Vanilla (moisture & shine) Collection
Curly Styling: Hair Milk (nourishing & conditioning) Collection
Smoothing: Sacred Tiare (anti-frizz & anti-breakage) Collection

Group II - CURLS
Curls consist of two distinct patterns: Curly & Very Curly. Curly hair looks like C-shaped curly patterns that loop into spiral, corkscrew and ringlets, while Very Curly hair looks like individual S-shaped Curls forming into Coils. Curls are springy, feel smooth or textured and are prone to frizz and tangle. There is much body to reduced body and some compacted hair with stretch and return action. Very Curly hair can lack hydration and natural oils. Both Curly & Very Curly strands are thin, medium or thick, while Very Curly hair has strands with Combination Curls.

The recommended Carol’s Daughter Hair Care for Curly Patterns are:
Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Olive Oil Infusion Kit and Lisa Hair Elixir Oil
Weekly Hair Care: Black Vanilla Collection
Curly Styling: Hair Milk Collection
Smoothing: Sacred Tiare Collection
Repair: Monoi Repairing Collection

Coils consist of three curl patterns: Coily, Very Coily and Tight Coils. The patterns range from tight, very tight and extremely tight C-shaped curl patterns with distinct very springy, medium coils to an afro with distinct tight, springy coils to a tight afro with tight C-shaped, interlocking zig-zag and coily curl patterns. Coils feel cottony, spongy and crunchy to the touch and are highly textured. Coils are also frizzy, knotty and tangle easily. The hair is compact with minimal stretching action; lacks hydration, lacks natural oils and can be dry and brittle. The strands are thin, medium, thick or a combination of thin and medium. Tight Coils are great for locking and can reach long lengths when locked. Tight Coils also break very easily with chemical processing.

The recommended Carol’s Daughter Hair Care for Coily Patterns are:
Pre-Shampoo Treatment: Olive Oil Infusion Kit
Weekly Hair Care: Black Vanilla Collection
Curly Styling: New! Pracaxi Nectar (style by nature) Collection

Naturally, you can find everything you need to unleash your beautiful new curls in our Hair Milk collection!

by Diane Da Costa, Curly Textured Expert