The Textured 'Fro | How to Achieve a Gorgeous Defined Twist Out Jul 27, 2018

When you’re rocking afro hairstyles, first things first: it is so important to give your natural hair the hydration and rejuvenation it’s thirsty for! A dry ’fro is a sad ’fro, which is why every twist out starts with Hair Milk — a tried, tested and trusted formula that moisturizes and defines all curly hair types, including coils, kinks and waves.

Next time you’re styling your hair in a twist out — one of the easiest and most protective styles for your afro-textured hair — start by prepping with Hair Milk Cleansing Conditioner. We love to co-wash with this lightweight formula because natural hair happily drinks it up without getting weighed down. Then, apply small amount of Hair Milk Original Leave-In Conditioner and distribute evenly into curls. Use your fingers or a pick to shape hair into an afro.

The beauty of the twist-out is that it actually helps protect hair from moisture loss and doesn’t require heat styling. Take maximum advantage by integrating moisturizing products into your hair care regimen before your next twist out — click here for some of our favorites.