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Holiday hairstyles

10 Holiday Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Your closet may be stocked with festive ensembles bound to make your #OutfitOfTheDay posts go viral, but have you thought about your hair?
27 Dec 2021
Pineapple Updo
Looking for a holiday hairstyle for natural hair you can pull together in a matter of minutes? The pineapple updo is here to be your saving grace. Simply gather your curls at the crown of your head, allowing your longest ringlets to frame your forehead and face artfully, and secure with a hair elastic.

Wondering, how should I wear my hair for an employee holiday party? A chignon is a chic and understated look that works for all hair types. If you want your low bun to be as sleek as possible, you’ll need to rely on a hair gel like the Pracaxi Nectar Style Control Gel. Smooth it over your hair and brush your strands straight back and secure a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Then, take the remaining hair and wrap it around to form a tight bun. Secure the bun with several bobby pins.

Flat Twist Updo
Searching for an updo for natural hair that will last all night long? A flat twist updo won’t budge no matter how hard you dance.

Crown Braid
Need a style fit for a queen?A crown braid is one of our favorite braided hairstyles for natural hair. Begin your braid at the bottom right or left side of your nape, bringing the braid completely around your head until you return to the beginning. Tuck the remaining hair into the braid and secure it with several bobby pins.

Braided Bun
The best thing about protective styles like box braids is that you don’t need to style your hair everyday. If you’re looking for a simple style to flaunt your braids however, gather your braids in a bun for a sweet look.

Multi-Braid Updo
Put your braiding skills to the test with an intricate updo. Combine several of your favorite braid styles for one look that is bound to turn heads.

Twist Out
We love an updo as much as the next person, but there’s nothing like flaunting your enviable texture. Working with 1 to 2-inch sections, saturate the section with Pracaxi Nectar Style & Hold Foam and create a two or three-strand twist. After you’ve twisted your entire mane, allow your twists to completely dry before untwisting and fluffing for a stunning twist out.

Crochet Braids
The beauty of crochet braids is that they’re extremely versatile. Whether you want to rock box braids, Senegalese twists, or straight hair, you can slay whatever style you desire while tucking your natural hair away from unnecessary styling.

You can get the look of a mohawk without going to the salon to take clippers to your locks. To create this look, begin by applying edge taming styler like Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother to your edges all over and brush through until they lay completely flat. Part your hair horizontally from ear to ear and secure a ponytail at the crown of your head.

Part your hair one more time horizontally and secure two more ponytails, one in the middle of your head and near the nape of your neck. When all three ponytails are secure, use a pick to fluff your hair for a voluminous final look.

Bantu Knots
Holiday hairstyles are meant to stand out, and nothing stands out quite like Bantu knots. Whether you opt for a lot of small Bantu knots or several large ones, get ready for the compliments to keep rolling in all night.

Now that you’ve decided on a holiday hairstyle for natural hair, make sure you have all of the products that you need from our list of 20 Natural Hair Products For 2020.

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