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finger coils on natural hair

Here’s How to Make Your Finger Coils Last Longer

These picture-perfect ringlets can last up to 14 days.
27 Apr 2022
We get it, sometimes having picture-perfect defined curls feels impossible. After all, the saying is true–curly hair does have a mind of its own. But what if there was a style that gave you perfectly defined coils each and every time? Well, the good news is there is and it’s called finger coils. Finger coils are a low-maintenance hairstyle that is exactly what you think, coils created with your finger. Finger coils work on any hair type and length and can last up to two weeks. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn what finger coils are, how to get them and how to maintain them at-home.

What are finger coils?

Finger coils are created by taking your curls and brushing or wrapping around your finger to create a tight coil. There’s so many reasons to love finger coils. First off, they’re a low-maintenance style that works on most curl types and lengths. Finger coils are also a great way to add major definition to otherwise lifeless or frizzy curls. And even though it may take an investment of time to master the style, the results are bouncy, defined ringlets that last for days, if taken care of properly.

How do I get finger coils?

Thankfully, anyone with wavy to curly hair texture can achieve finger coils. And even though the method is the same, no matter your hair type, the amount of time it takes can vary depending on the thickness, density and length of your strands. Those with longer, fuller hair will find that finger coils may take an investment of time, while shorter-haired gals (and guys) might be able to cut the time in half.

The steps for finger coils are practically fool-proof. First, you want to start with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Choosing a conditioner that’s super hydrating and has softening and smoothing properties, like the Coco Creme Creamy Conditioner, will make finger coils a lot easier.

Once your hair is thoroughly cleansed, you want to reach for your favorite styling cream or leave-in conditioner. The choice is truly up to you, but you want to make sure the styling product is not too heavy and properly moisturizes the hair. For finger coiling 4C hair, consider the Coco Creme Curl Shaping Cream Gel with Coconut Oil. It hydrates and defines even the coilest of hair and has a natural, light hold that will keep your finger coils looking fresher for longer (more on that later).

For wavy to curly hair types, the Goddess Strength Divine Strength Leave In Cream with Castor Oil will keep curls softened and moisturized and help to strengthen your hair, too. Once you’ve picked your styler, apply it evenly on wet hair and detangle with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

Next, divide your hair into sections, two to four is ideal. Clip away all sections, except one, and grab a spray bottle filled with water. The key to perfect finger coils is ensuring that your product is evenly distributed and the hair is very wet during the entire process.

With the first section of hair, grab a piece between 1-2 inches depending on the size coil you want and begin to twirl around your finger starting at the root until at the very end of your strand. Repeat this process throughout your entire head until all of your hair is coiled.

To dry your finger coils, you can air dry or sit under a hooded dryer to set them. If you choose to air dry, refrain from touching or manipulating your curls. This will keep them frizz-free, smooth, and defined.

How long do finger coils last?

The lifetime of finger coils depends on your hair type and lifestyle. It’s also important to note that the smaller you make your finger coils, the longer they will last. Larger coils tend to get puffy at the root and become frizzy. But if done correctly and maintained, finger coils can last from 1-2 weeks.

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How do I maintain finger coils at home?

Once your finger coils are set, there are a few ways to keep them looking fresher for longer.

Avoid touching the hair. Yeah, you know those casual hair flips and curl twirls, those can no longer be part of your routine when it comes to finger coils. Playing with or consistently tousling your finger coils will create frizz and if you have wavy to curly hair, it can make the curl looser, too. Obviously, it’s impossible to not touch your hair for two weeks, so we say just use your fingers sparingly. Less is more, in this case.

Protect your coils while you snooze. It’s no secret that sleeping with your curls unprotected causes frizz and breakage. So plop on your silk or satin sleep bonnet for the longest-lasting finger coils. A silk or satin pillowcase could work too, but it’s not as protective as a sleep cap or bonnet.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Curly hair is already naturally dry, so applying a moisturizer to finger coiled hair is essential. Since a cream or butter may be hard to apply, consider a spray formula like the Monoi Multi-Styling Milk. Simply spritz on before bed each night and wake up to shiny, moisturized coils in the morning.

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