How To Style A Bantu Knot Out Fail: Natural Hairstyles Jan 25, 2017
by Angela Watford
Sometimes a naturally curly girl has to turn a bad hair day into a beautiful hair day! It may be due to your Bantu knots style not drying all the way or it may be just because—no matter what there’s always a solution with Carol’s Daughter.

The Notorious KIA grabs our much-loved Sacred Tiare (Anti-Breakage & Anti-Frizz) Collection. It’s the must-have line for fragile hair that gets unruly and breaks easily. If you have any frizzy situations, this is the perfect solution for your hair! Plus, the smell is delightful.

Watch how easy it is to turn 1 bantu knot fail into 2 different head-turning styles that are free of breakage.

Restore your belief in stronger styles with Sacred Tiare!