Pracaxi Oil: The Secret Ingredient For Styling Natural Hair Dec 21, 2016

by Angela Watford
There’s nothing worse than waking up to a bad-hair day, especially when you have a big meeting or event to attend. As you prepare to lay down your flyaways or smooth out your curls by reaching for your heavy gels and creams that are weighing down or drying your styles out—you may want to try Carol’s Daughter’s natural approach to styling with their latest hair line Pracaxi “pra-ca-shee” Nectar available exclusively at Sally Beauty.

Pracaxi Oil is a conditioning miracle nectar found in Brazil. It’s packed with rich nutrients and hydrating properties that are proven to nourish your hair—instantly making it healthier-looking and much easier to style. This powerful ingredient is the secret behind this new “Styling by Nature” collection, which is sure to create groundbreaking news as well as fierce hairstyles. Plus, the formulas are so lightweight, they hold, but without any crunchy flakes or residue, so that even your updos or high-held styles are soft to the touch.

Here's a breakdown of the 3 new amazing products! They are guaranteed to make even your worst hair days beautiful and healthy looking—no matter how you style it!

1) Pracaxi Nectar “Wash-N-Go” Leave-In

Use the lightweight Leave-In on your natural hair to moisturize, define coils and leave behind an amazing shine.

2) Pracaxi Nectar Style Control Gel

Use the clear gel to keep styles touchably soft and beautifully locked in place.

3) Pracaxi Nectar Curl Twisting Custard

Use the creamy, lightweight custard cocktail to hold any style without weighing it down. Tip: For a longer-lasting style, cocktail with the Pracaxi Style Control Gel for even more hold, while infusing extra moisture. Check out some styles we're currently loving with this collection!

Start partying with Pracaxi Nectar—and style beautifully all year long!