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hairstyles for 4c hair

15 Timeless 4C Hairstyles You Gotta Try

Check out 15 of our top hairstyles for your natural 4C hair. Get inspired and stun all with our timeless and bold looks, from box braids to fro hawks.
23 Apr 2024

A solid understanding of your hair type is incredibly beneficial when attempting any hairstyle. Depending on your curl pattern, some looks will suit you better — and be easier to recreate — than others. If you’re in a styling rut with your 4C hair type, we’ve got you! This article teaches you about your hair type and goes over easy 4C hairstyles you can try at home, from box braids to updos. At the end, we answer FAQs so you can confidently try any of our top 4C hairstyles for natural hair.

What Is 4C Hair?

Type 4 hair is easily recognizable by its coily, densely packed texture. 4C hair is the tightest texture in this category. Your natural 4C hair might have a slight zig-zag pattern to it as opposed to the tight ringlets of 4A hair and 4B hair.

While your halo of coils is beautiful they can also be very delicate and prone to breakage and shrinkage without a proper moisturizing routine. So the right kind of hairstyles for 4C hair are even more important; you don’t want to risk damage by constantly manipulating your hair.

What Hairstyle is Best for 4C Hair?

If you ended up on this page, you’re probably wondering what hairstyle is best for 4C hair. The shorter list would be what hairstyles aren’t good for your tresses. You’ve got many options, but this roundup of 15 4C hairstyles, including the best braids, is a great place to start.

Box Braids

Box braids are a versatile style and since it often takes a while to do and lasts even longer, you want to get the most out of your looks. To keep you from getting bored with your look, try half-up, half-down styles with top knots and ponytails.

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Jumbo Box Braids

These are the best braids because they’re quick, and if you have enough experience you can do them yourself. Because you’ll likely leave this style in for a few days, if not a few weeks, you want to be sure you start with squeaky clean hair. Shampoo your strands with a clarifying shampoo like our Wash Day Delight Sulfate Free Shampoo. Then moisturize your hair with a conditioner like the Wash Day Delight Conditioner With Aloe.

Two Strand Twist

If braiding is a bit too difficult for you, try this simple twisted look. Begin by parting your hair into your desired sections. Working with one section at a time, split it into two parts and then twist each section separately before twisting them together. Continue until the whole section is twisted and secure with a hair tie. This is also one of many great long 4C hairstyles.

Flat Twist

Flat twists are similar to two-strand twists; they’re just styled flat against your head instead of hanging down your back.

Stitch Braids

Short 4C hairstyles shouldn’t be hard to come by and this braided style is one of our favorites. The stitch braid is a variation of a cornrow that highlights the horizontal parts the braid makes.

Space Buns

This is one of the funnest hairstyles for natural hair that can be done on long or short tresses. Part your hair into two sections and pull each section into a bun towards the crown of your head. If you have shorter hair you can create the buns in the front of your hair and fluff out the rest.

Bantu Knots

This look is edgy and fun and the best part is, it’s actually two styles in one! First part your hair into your desired number of small sections. Lightly spray each section with water and add a styling product like the Coco Crème Coil Enhancing Moisture Butter and twist and roll each section into a small top knot and secure it. For an even sleeker look, you can use the Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother around your edges.

Bantu Knot Out

Once you’re done slaying your Bantu knots, unravel them for a stunning second look with tons of texture. Warm up a bit of the Black Vanilla Moisture and Shine Pure Hair Oil on your hands and gently take out each knot. Fluff your hair and style.

Wash N Go

The wash n go is fantastic for 4C hair because it’s low maintenance, easy to do and doesn’t require heat. This look focuses on layering moisturizing products so that your coils, which tend to be dry, stay hydrated and defined. The wash n go seems straightforward enough, but using the right products for 4C hair is key. After applying a leave-in conditioner as part of the LOC method, use a curl cream like Hair Milk Nourishing & Conditioning Styling Pudding and then seal it with a hair oil, such as Goddess Strength 7 Oil Blend Scalp & Hair Oil.

Braid Out

A braid out is similar to a wash n go in that both styles are heatless and moisturize the hair. But in a braid out, hair is braided for some time and then undone, creating voluminous curls shaped by the braids. Conversely, in a wash n go, curls take on your hair’s natural curl pattern and volume.

While we love a wash and go, sometimes the volume and definition you get with a braid out is worth the extra work. There are two ways you can get the look. One way is by parting your hair into sections, adding water and a styling product like Coco Creme Coil Enhancing Moisture Butter, creating large braids and then leaving them in overnight. Another way is by creating large cornrows instead. The results are equally as beautiful.

Fro Hawk

We love a high-volume look and this one is perfect. To style a faux-hawk, separate your hair into three or four sections horizontally across your head. Secure each section with hair ties or pins. Next, you want to be sure to tease out each section for that volume. This look works with braid outs and twist outs as well, making great 4C curly hairstyles.

Braided Crown

This style is fit for a queen. Separate the front of your hair horizontally and cornrow a single braid across the crown of your head. You can braid the back of your hair as well but one cute way to wear this style is with the rest of your hair in a twist out or a wash n go.

High Puffs

If you have longer hair, this is a quick and easy look. Slick your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie. Use a hair pick to tease the ponytail to create some serious volume.

French Braid

For this simple yet stylish look, part hair into two sections and braid each section down flat. The next day you’ll even have a quick braid out look.

Updo With a Scarf

Hair accessories like scarves can completely cut down on styling time. Pull your hair into a high ponytail towards the front of your hair like bangs, fluffing out your coils. Next, wrap your scarf around the base of your head, tying it and leaving your ponytail out.

4C Hairstyles FAQs

Now that you know 15 4C hairstyles to try, we’ll dive into 4C hairstyles FAQs. If you’re considering protective styles, growing out your hair or styling your hair wet or dry, this section is a must-read!

What Are the Best Protective Hairstyles for 4C Hair?

When it comes to what are the best protective hairstyles for 4C hair, you’ve got options galore, from braids and twists to faux locs and sew-in weaves. But topping our list are box braids, a fave for their versatility. We also love twist outs because they keep in moisture while hair is twisted and then transform into a defined, curly hairstyle.

What Hairstyles Are Good for 4C Hair Growth?

If you’re curious about what hairstyles are good for 4C hair growth, know that certain hairstyles won’t be able to speed up your hair’s growth rate. Nevertheless, hairstyles can play an important role in the growing-out process. Choosing looks that protect your strands is your best bet, as your 4C hair is the most fragile hair type. Protective styles, such as braids, will cut down on breakage and tangling by tucking your ends away from any potentially damaging environmental stressors.

Is It Better to Style 4C Hair Wet or Dry?

The answer to is it better to style 4C hair wet or dry depends on the hairstyle you’re going for, but most likely, you’ll want to style your hair when it’s damp or dry. When hair is wet, hair is at its most fragile state, making it most susceptible to stretching and breakage. And as mentioned previously, 4C hair is the most fragile hair type. Usually, protective styles are done on dry hair, whereas wash and go and other styles are done on damp hair, when strands have enough moisture for easy handling.

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Is it better to style 4C hair wet or dry?
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