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what is micellar shampoo

What Is Micellar Shampoo and How To Incorporate It Into Your Routine

It might seem like there’s a new trendy ingredient taking over the beauty space everywhere you turn, but micellar shampoo is proving to be worth the hype.
While different hair types require different shampoos, every hair-care routine can benefit from this gentle yet effective cleanser proving to be a hero for all hair types.

One of the newer innovations in hair-care, micellar shampoo has all of the dirt-removing qualities you’ll find in a clarifying shampoo without ever stripping or harming your hair. This means that if you’ve ever struggled with product buildup or dry, brittle hair, this one's for you. While those with textured hair might shy away from shampooing frequently for fear of losing much-needed hydration, micellar shampoo can put your worries at ease, as it targets dirt and oil without compromising your hair.

Ready to learn more about this revolutionary ingredient? Read on for everything you need to know about micellar shampoo, including how to incorporate it into your natural hair-care routine and the innovative jelly-to-cream detangler that pairs perfectly with it.

What is micellar shampoo?

Micellar water, the key ingredient in micellar shampoo, first gained popularity in France as an alternative solution to harsh Parisian water that negatively affected the skin. Today, it’s become a popular skincare ingredient in the United States, praised for removing makeup with ease and providing rinse-free facial cleansing. While the skincare benefits of micellar water are widely known, this powerful ingredient also works incredibly well in shampoo and is a safe option for clarifying hair of all textures.

Micelles are little lipid molecules that act as a magnet to dirt and oil. Unlike other cleansing agents, micelles bond to impurities while leaving key nutrients intact, rinsing away to leave behind clean, nourished hair. They’re gentle but powerful, making micellar water for hair a prime choice to effectively clear away product build-up, pollutants, sweat—you name it.

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What are the benefits of micellar shampoo?

Sometimes it might feel like you have to choose between clean hair or hydrated hair, but micellar shampoo is able to deliver a deep clean without drying out your tresses. It’s considered a type of clarifying shampoo, so it’s great for removing environmental pollutants, getting your hair squeaky clean before a protective hairstyle, or cleansing an oily scalp. A clarifying shampoo is an excellent addition to any hair care routine, but many formulas are harsh, sometimes making them unsafe for color-treated hair. On the other hand, micellar shampoo is gentle enough to use on even damaged or overworked hair. As the molecules extract dirt and oil from each strand, they act as a lubricant, resulting in easier detangling. Finally, there’s an effective clarifying solution for hair that is dry and prone to breakage!

Another excellent benefit of micellar shampoo is that it’s safe for sensitive skin. If you’ve ever experienced a dry, itchy, or flaky scalp, micellar shampoo won’t further irritate it. Instead, the molecules bond and gently remove dead skin cells, leading to less flaking and dandruff. Reviewers have even called it a “silk lather” for the way that it gently glides through hair with little friction from scalp to ends.

The best micellar shampoo for you should leave your hair feeling clean yet hydrated. Our Wash Day Delight is our favorite micellar shampoo specifically formulated for textured hair. It’s sulfate-free, and it’s also formulated with aloe vera to nourish as it cleanses. It’s able to cut down on wash time, as it transforms from water to a gentle foam lather that quickly rinses clean. It also has a targeted applicator perfect for curls, kinks, and coils to distribute the liquid formula evenly throughout hair. Best of all, it’s super lightweight, making it an ideal choice for those with fine strands that want more voluminous hair.

If you want to try micellar shampoo but need a formula with even more hydration, prepare to be obsessed with our latest addition to the Wash Day Delight family, Wash Day Delight With Rose Water . Much like the original formula, this hydrating cleanser is formulated with micellar water to wash away dirt, oil, and impurities, as well as rose water for petal-soft, hydrated, happy clean hair. Wash Day Delight With Rose Water will be available in stores and online in early 2021.

Can I use micellar shampoo every day?

How frequently you wash your hair should be catered specifically to your hair’s porosity, texture and damage concerns, as over-washing can get rid of your scalp’s microbiome (or good bacteria), resulting in scalp problems and dry, brittle strands. However, if you produce extra sebum and insist on regular shampooing as a part of your hair-care routine, micellar shampoo is definitely the way to go. Experts recommend that those with particularly oily scalps wash their hair two to three times a week, while those with dryer hair types (which is most people with textured hair) can wash their hair weekly or biweekly to remove product buildup.

However often you decide to wash your hair, micellar shampoo is a safe option. Since these molecules bond particularly to dirt and oil, a micellar water cleanser is a gentle alternative that won’t compromise the integrity of your hair or leave it dry and tangled.

How do I incorporate micellar shampoo into my routine?

Micellar shampoo can easily be integrated into your existing hair-care routine for lighter, softer, tangle-free hair. Those who exercise daily, use plenty of holding products, or have oilier hair might find that Wash Day Delight is ideal as a primary shampoo regularly used to remove dirt and oil. This formula is also a great option for those with locs to keep locs fresh.

For your textured curls, kinks, and coils, the deep cleansing capabilities of a micellar shampoo come in handy to get hair squeaky clean before or after a protective style or as a monthly clarifying option in-between more hydrating shampoos. Since plenty of products are typically used to maintain defined curls and twist-outs, it’s important to clarify regularly to allow moisture to reach the hair cuticle.

After cleansing your hair with Wash Day Delight, follow it with our latest innovation Wash Day Delight Dream Detangler. This jelly-to-cream conditioner is formulated with glycerin and rose water to provide unbeatable hydration and slip to help make detangling a breeze. The formula transforms from a thick jelly to a nourishing cream to provide gentle scalp-conditioning and hydrate hair from roots to ends without any added weight. This part detangler, part conditioner will make the perfect addition to your micellar shampoo routine. Wash Day Delight Dream Detangler will be available in stores and online in early 2021.

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